Will Du Sol examination postponed?

Will Du Sol examination postponed?

DU exams that had been scheduled to start on June1 will now begin on June7. As per the most recent notification launched by the Delhi University, the ultimate yr and ultimate semester and annual exams that had been scheduled to start on June 1 have been postponed. Now, the DU ultimate yr/ semester exams 2021 will start on June 7.

How do I obtain a sol date sheet?

Steps to Check SOL Date Sheet on-line

  1. Visit the official web site of School of Open Learning (SOL) – sol.du.ac.in.
  2. SOL Official web page will open.
  3. Scroll down the web page and test the Announcement part.
  4. Click on the hyperlink out there.
  5. UG Date Sheet or PG Date Sheet web page will open.
  6. Click on the pdf hyperlink.
  7. Date Sheet will show.

How is SOL examination carried out?

DU SOL Examination by way of OBE mode After getting order from Hon’ble High court docket now Delhi University shall be going to conduct the SOL for less than ultimate semester/time period/yr college students and it’ll conduct through OBE (Open Book Examination) mode remotely. the college has additionally launched its ultimate date sheet to conduct the OBE.

What is semester system in DU SOL?


Can we shift from Sol to common school?

They can even search switch from one school to a different, in the identical mode.” The SOL can even maintain on-line lessons for college students, by way of their respective on-line dashboards, together with webinars and chat-based counselling classes.

Can I migrate from Sol to common?

Now the chief council of Delhi University has authorized the migration, beneath the rule that if an SOL scholar scores greater than 60% or above within the ultimate first-year examination, then he can migrate to an everyday school in second yr.

Is Sol diploma invaluable?

Degree value is the same as the common course – These days, employers don’t see whether or not a scholar holds an everyday diploma or have accomplished increased schooling in distance mode. The college students are thought of for a job based mostly on their abilities and {qualifications} together with the tutorial report.

Which one is best sol or Ignou?

DU SOL is a extra generally identified place for college students and has a neater schooling construction however IGNOU is a extra scholar pleasant place because it systematically carries out the checking of examination papers and supplies the scholars with higher outcomes than DU SOL. IGNOU additionally provides further inside marks for assignments.

What is the passing marks in Du Sol?

For SC/ST candidates, a cross in 10+2 is required. The standards are 40% or above in combination in any one of many qualifying examinations, 36% or above for OBC, 38% or above in combination for PWD candidates. For SC/ST candidates, minimal passing marks in any of the qualifying examinations.

Is 7 CGPA good in DU?

9.5 and above CGPA is finest to be within the prime 5 college students in your class. The scholar who scored 8.0 and above CGPA would imply to be an above-average scholar….7.2*9.5 = 68.4%

SGPA CGPA Percentage
6.8, 7.0 6.8+7.0 = 13.8/2 = 6.9 6.9*9.5 = 65.55%
7.2, 7.4, 7.8 7.2+7.4+7.8 = 22.4/3 = 7.46 7.46*9.5 = 70.87%

How is du Sol share calculated?

Total marks are 88+92+90+96=366, Percentage is 91.5 per cent. Eg 4: If a candidate has scored in Accounts (90), Business Studies (92), English (88) and Home Science (94). Total marks are 90+92+88+94=364, and Percentage is 91 per cent.

What is the cross marks out of 100?

Passing marks out of 80 is 26. And the passing marks out of 100 is 33. Marks in internals and practicals are 20, 30, 40.

What quantity is 50% of 100?

Percentage Calculator: What is 50. p.c of 100? = 50.

What is 50 out of 75 as a share?


What share is 35 of 75?


What quantity is 20% of 560?

Latest calculated numbers percentages

20% of 560 = 112 May 28 02:07 UTC (GMT)
2% of 64.26 = 1.2852 May 28 02:07 UTC (GMT)
1% of 196,962.3 = 1,969.623 May 28 02:07 UTC (GMT)
37% of two,232 = 825.84 May 28 02:07 UTC (GMT)
All customers calculated numbers percentages

What quantity is 25% of 75?

What is 25 p.c (calculated share %) of quantity 75? Answer: 18.75.

What is $65 with 25% off?

Percent Off Table For 65.00

1 p.c off 65.00 is 64.35 The distinction is 0.65
25 p.c off 65.00 is 48.75 The distinction is 16.25
26 p.c off 65.00 is 48.10 The distinction is 16.90
27 p.c off 65.00 is 47.45 The distinction is 17.55
28 p.c off 65.00 is 46.80 The distinction is eighteen.20

What of 72 is eighteen present your work?


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