Why were the Continental troops always short of weapons and supplies?

Why were the Continental troops always short of weapons and supplies?

Inadequate administrative procedures, a scarcity of money and the failure of credit, a weak transportation system, and a lack of manufacturing all combined with the natural obstacles of geography and weather to create frequent shortages of food, clothing, tents, and other military supplies throughout the war.

Why was it so difficult to get supplies for the Continental soldiers?

That meant that the Quartermaster could not easily purchase military supplies from Europe or food from local farmers. Equipment that usually came from Britain was no longer available to the colonies because of the war. Even when supplies did arrive, there was not a good system for transporting it to the soldiers.

Why was it difficult for the colonists to get weapons to supply their army?

Supplying the Troops Supplying the American troops was an extremely difficult task. There were very few factories in the colonies that could produce the weapons and the equipment needed by an army. The money necessary to pay for supplies was issued by the new state governments and the new central government.

Why was it hard for the Continental Army to raise money?

Fear that the Continental Congress would control the colonies as the British Parliament had; thus it had difficulty enlisting soldiers and raising money. Many political disputes revolve around economics and especially the impact that money has on everyone’s daily lives.

What did Napoleon Think of the United States?

Napoleon spoke about the United States a decent amount. He acknowledged the young country early on and established diplomatic relations with them. He thought that country was the beneficiary of talent because the horrific wars in Europe were driving good people away.

What would happen if the US joined Napoleon?

For all intents and purposes, the US did join the Napoleonic Wars, in the War of 1812. Initial invasions of Canada and New Spain would likely have failed; at this point, pressure from the American public to end the war would likely be great. So the war would likely end with a new President being elected.

What did Napoleon influence?

Napoleon also gave France a fair tax and increased French trade. Napoleon boosted France’s luxury industry, new business regulations, improved infrastructure and a central bank that controlled monetary policy were key to his success. Napoleon set the jews free. Napoleon reorganized the French educational system.

How did Napoleon revolutionize the art of war?

Napoleon revolutionized military tactics and swept aside many of the assumptions of warfare of the ancient regime. He exploited the use of mass conscription and consistently sought to inflict a swift and decisive blow to his enemies.


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