Why was the Sherman Act created?

Why was the Sherman Act created?

What is the purpose of the Sherman Antitrust Act? The Sherman Antitrust Act was enacted in 1890 to curtail combinations of power that interfere with trade and reduce economic competition. It outlaws both formal cartels and attempts to monopolize any part of commerce in the United States.

Which act attacked monopolies for the first time?

The Sherman Antitrust Act of 1890 was the first measure passed by the U.S. Congress to prohibit abusive monopolies, and in some ways it remains the most important.

What does Per mean in email?

in accordance with

Is it per your request or as per your request?

Both ‘as per your request’ and ‘per your request’ are grammatically correct and widely used in written English. ‘As per your request’ might seem pretty old-fashioned to some. Using something like ‘as you requested’ is a more modern way of saying ‘as per your request’ and might sound less ‘cumbersome’.

What can I say instead of as per?

What is another word for as per?

following in accordance with
in keeping with according to
in line with consistent with
in conformity with accordant with
as stated by as reported by

What’s another word for regarding?

What is another word for regarding?

about concerning
touching with regard to
apropos of as respects
in regard to relating to
-vis with respect to

Is as per formal?

The more ponderous as per is often found in business and legal prose, or in writing that attempts to adopt a formal tone. It is not incorrect to use, but some find it overly legalistic and counsel avoiding it for that reason.

Is as per our conversation correct grammar?

It should be “as per our conversation”. This simply refers to a conversation that you had with another person. You could also say “Further to our conversation” or “This refers to our conversation” to make it simpler. You could even say “As discussed I …” or “As agreed this morning,..” making way for simple English.

How do you say per our conversation?

It might just be “As per our conversation.” You’ve sent it. You’ve received it. And we all know it generally means, “Hey, we’ve already talked about this,” or “We agreed on this and you haven’t held up your end of the bargain.”…Alternatives:

  1. “As agreed”
  2. “As discussed”
  3. “As promised”
  4. “Last time we spoke”

What is the meaning of in which?

In this case, “in which” basically means “in the thing already mentioned”. It already has said the subject is the earthquake, so it would be redundant to mention it again in the same sentence, so “in which” quickly references back to it.

How do you say discussed?


  1. as noted.
  2. as indicated.
  3. as mentioned.
  4. as stated.
  5. as already mentioned.
  6. as described.
  7. as arranged.
  8. as outlined.


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