Why was the Great Compromise Necessary?

Why was the Great Compromise Necessary?

An agreement that large and small states reached during the Constitutional Convention of 1787 that in part defined the legislative structure and representation that each state would have under the United States Constitution. The Great Compromise ensured the continuance of the Constitutional Convention.

What are the 3 major points of the compromise?

The three major compromises were the Great Compromise, the Three-Fifths Compromise, and the Electoral College. The Great Compromise settled matters of representation in the federal government.

What was the main purpose of the three fifths compromise quizlet?

Determined that each slave would be counted as three-fifths of a person for the purpose of apportioning taxes and representation. The compromise granted disproportionate political power to Southern slave states.

What did the great compromise have the most to do with quizlet?

The Great Compromise combined the best attributes of the Virginia and New Jersey plans. The House of Representatives was established based upon population which made the big states happy and the Senate was established by giving all states 2 Senators which made the small states happy.

How did the great compromise combine elements of the Virginia and New Jersey plans?

The Virginia Plan was used, but some ideas from the New Jersey Plan were added. The Connecticut Compromise established a bicameral legislature with the U.S. House of Representatives apportioned by population as desired by the Virginia Plan and the Senate granted equal votes per state as desired by the New Jersey Plan.

What major issue did the great compromise and the 3/5 compromise both address?

Both compromises dealt with the representation of states in Congress. The Great Compromise settled the disputes between large and sparsely populated states involving Congressional representation, while the Three-Fifths Compromise allowed southern states to count slaves towards representation.


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