Why did Oliver Cromwell invade Ireland?

Why did Oliver Cromwell invade Ireland?

Cromwell imposed an extremely harsh settlement on the Irish Catholic population. This was because of his deep religious antipathy to the Catholic religion and to punish Irish Catholics for the rebellion of 1641, in particular the massacres of Protestant settlers in Ulster.

Who was the winner of the English Civil War?

The English Civil Wars (1642-1651) stemmed from conflict between Charles I and Parliament over an Irish insurrection. The first war was settled with Oliver Cromwell’s victory for Parliamentary forces at the 1645 Battle of Naseby.

What was Cromwell’s army called?

New Model Army

What did the New Model Army wear?

Dragoons. The New Model Army contained one regiment of dragoons, of twelve companies each of one hundred men, under Colonel John Okey. Dragoons were mounted infantry, and wore much the same uniform as musketeers although they probably wore stout cloth gaiters to protect the legs while riding.

What did pikemen do in the Civil War?

The basic infantry of the Civil Wars, pikemen are normally chosen from the tallest and strongest as they needed to be able to wield a sixteen foot pike effectively. They are formed into divisions and their primary purpose is to protect against attack by cavalry.

When did Pikes stop being used?


Did Vikings use pikes?

The pike found extensive use with Landsknecht armies and Swiss mercenaries, who employed it as their main weapon and used it in pike square formations. Generally, a spear becomes a pike when it is too long to be wielded with one hand in combat.

Did Knights use pikes?

Description of Medieval Pike Used as a versatile weapon against knights on horseback. The weapon was constantly developed and refined to include metal rims over the shaft making it even more effective against cavalry starting with knights on horseback .

How long was a knight’s lance?

around three to four meters

Why did Cavalry stop using lances?

3 Answers. Because lances were unwieldy but required significant training to be proficient in. Their usefulness was progressively declining against the increasingly attractive (and cost-effective) firearms.

Can you throw a lance?

A spear is a versatile weapon, able to be used on foot and mounted on a horse. As such, mounted soldiers often carried a main weapon such a sword or spear to complement the lance. Besides, you can’t throw a lance… The design of the lance is also vastly different from the spear, though both share a long shaft.

Are Lances Spears?

A lance in the original sense is a light throwing spear or javelin. The term from the 17th century came to refer specifically to spears not thrown, used for thrusting by heavy cavalry, and especially in jousting. The longer types of thrusting spear used by infantry are usually referred to as pikes.

How old is Lance Stewart?

24 years (June 20, 1996)

Can you use a lance on foot?

Lances are too long to make an ideal individual combat weapon on foot.

What does Lance mean?

The name Lance means Land and is of English origin. Lance is a name that’s been used primarily by parents who are considering baby names for boys. In English, a lance is a name for a long knife or sword. It is also a verb, meaning to cut open.


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