Who received the struggle between Thor and Hulk?

Who received the struggle between Thor and Hulk?

Given the possibility, Thor may’ve killed Hulk if not for the Grandmaster interceding. So to summarize, Thor technically received. The solely manner Hulk managed to knock him off was as a result of the Grandmaster cheated.

Who is the strongest Avenger Hulk or Thor?

Thor rode out a friggin’ STAR in Infinity War. He in all probability may have used the Stark Gauntlet too, however the Hulk was extra resistant as a result of gamma radiation. So far, it’s debateable as to who’s extra highly effective. Hulk will get extra highly effective because the struggle progresses.

Can Thor beat world breaker Hulk?

Hulk has certainly fought a Warrior maddened Thor earlier than and held him down with one hand. This struggle is a mismatch. The all time strongest Hulk vs Thor is spite. HOWEVER, if you wish to put in Thor’s strongest model towards Hulk’s strongest, Thor wins handily, however on this, he loses and he loses badly.

What superhero can beat the Hulk?


How does Deadpool kill Hulk?

In the non-cannon Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe the Hulk kilos Deadpool after which leaves to be left alone. While he’s sleeping in a cave he reverts again to Bruce Banner who then Deadpool proceeds to behead. Deadpool’s additionally tried to do it within the 616 Universe together with utilizing a Nuke, with a lot much less success.

Can Deadpool kill Galactus?

Deadpool has defeated Galactus within the comics earlier than, however not by any violent means. There was one time within the comics when Deadpool confronted Galactus head on, and one way or the other received. Instead of slicing the enormous to items or punching by his coronary heart, Deadpool simply talked and talked – and talked.

Who can beat Thanos one onone?

8 Star-Lord. Unlike the flicks, Peter Quill truly managed to defeat Thanos on one event. During the occasions of Guardian of the Galaxy 2008 Issue 25, Star-Lord with a bit help from the Cosmic Cube managed to defeat Thanos and put the Mad Titan in a comatose state for fairly a while.

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