Who led the fight to free Vietnam from France?

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Who led the fight to free Vietnam from France?

communist Ho Chi Minh

Who controlled Vietnam before the French were able to take over?

In the three centuries preceding the French arrival, the Vietnamese were ruled by a series of emperors whose nominal rule included collecting revenue. But, the taxes were modest and the emperor had relatively little real power over the Vietnamese.

Why did the US refuse to help Ho Chi Minh?

Ho Chi Minh was a communist, wanted reunification of Vietnam, of which S. Vietnam was under US control/supervision, and the US did not want a spread of communism through Asia, fearing a communist takeover.

What did Ho Chi Minh hope to see in the future?

In one of the ironies of history, Ho Chi Minh paraphrased a future enemy`s benchmark of freedom — the U.S. Declaration of Independence — while addressing an enormous crowd following the success against the Japanese. Ho Chi Minh proclaimed: “All men are born equal.

Why did Ho Chi Minh turn to communism?

He was inspired by the Bolshevik Revolution and joined the Communist Party traveling to the Soviet Union and China to spread the socialist doctrine into South East Asia. At the end of World War II, he appealed to the United States to assist him in liberating Vietnam from French control.

What were Ho Chi Minh’s goals for Vietnam?

Ho Chi Minh’s Communist ideology was flexible enough to serve his purposes. In any case, he was never the doctrinaire, and always much more a political activist whose strong will was directed at the goal of the independence and unification of Vietnam.

Who was the undisputed leader of Vietnam?

From 2 September 1969 until his death on 10 July 1986, Duẩn was the undisputed leader of Vietnam. He died two months before the next National Party Congress, and was succeeded by Trường Chinh, the former general secretary who had served as the second-most powerful politician in Vietnam since Hô’s death.

Is Ho Chi Minh a communist or nationalist?

Ho Chi Minh is not a mere agent of Communist China… He is a bona fide nationalist revolutionary, the leader of his country’s rebellion against French colonialism.

What did the Viet Minh do?

Viet Minh, in full Viet Nam Doc Lap Dong Minh Hoi, English League for the Independence of Vietnam, organization that led the struggle for Vietnamese independence from French rule.

When did Vietnam become North and South?

From 1954 to 1975 Vietnam was divided into two countries, North Vietnam (the Democratic Republic of Vietnam) and South Vietnam (the Republic of Vietnam). After its defeat at Bien Dien Phu, France signed an independence agreement with the victorious Viet Minh in Geneva.

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