Who is the best hero in Castle Clash?

Who is the best hero in Castle Clash?

Best Heroes Tier List

Hero Total Tier Archdemon
Dynamica S+ A
Lazulix S+ B
Cold Heir S+ B
Boreal Fox S+ B

How do you gain might fast?

How to Gain Might?

  1. Troops and Traps: These are the fastest way to gain and lose might.
  2. Buildings: This is the most reliable way of increasing your Might.
  3. Quests: We are talking about turf quests by the way, completing guild and admin quests do not give you Might.

What is hero level in Castle Clash?

The Star level defines the maximum level a Hero can reach. Every hero starts with Star level 1, which allows a maximum level of 20. After your hero reaches level 20, a Star Upgrade can be purchased in the Heroes Altar after selecting the hero, to increase the maximum level of your hero by another 20 levels.

What is might castle clash?

is a measurement of your overall ability in the game, and it is used to determine your skill level in the Player Ranking list. You can increase your Might. by Building/Upgrading Buildings, by upgrading Troops, Spells, by increasing Heroes level, Heroes skill level and by leveling inscription of each Heroes.

How many heroes can you have in Castle Clash?

Only 4-Star heroes and above can be inscribed. Each star level has an Inscription cap. At every Star beyond the 4th, you gain 20 inscription levels, with the max level is 100 after reaching 8-Stars.

How do you get blue stars in Castle Clash?

[Chat (Android)] 3 empty stars above heros what do they do? It is two stars and it indicates level of Destiny. When you reach destiny 20, you get skill bumped to x/11, and one star will be blue. At 40, your skill will be x/12 and both stars will be blue.

What is the fastest way to level up in empires and puzzles?

Level up fast in your profile is a matter of farming a lot….I generally use my World Energy in this order to level up faster:

  1. Complete available Quests.
  2. If Quests are done and a Wanted Mission (Monsters) is available, farm 13-6 for monsters.
  3. If no available Quests or Wanted Missions are available, farm 8-7 for recruits.

Are there any cheats for empires and puzzles?

The only real way to cheat is by using a Empires & Puzzles bot. The makers will either lure you into completing meaningless surveys (which in the end require “human verification”) or steal sensitive information such as your game account credentials.

Who are the best heroes in empires and puzzles?

Best Heroes Ranking In Empires & Puzzles

  • Gravemaker. Gravemaker has such speed and tankiness that he deserves this ranking in the tier list.
  • Black Knight.
  • Finley.
  • Alice.
  • Zeline.
  • Kingston.
  • Lianna.
  • Guardian Gazelle.

How many heroes should I keep in empires and puzzles?

For more general usage, especially by players spending little or no money, I personally think 3 strong heroes per color is a good starting point that gives you plenty of flexibility for Raids, Rare Quests, Seasonal Events, and Titans.

Why are there multiple teams puzzles empires?

Roster depth comes a lot easier once you get. that first team out of the way. Materials come easier and game mechanics begin to open up as you have more options on attack.

What is the max level in empires and puzzles?

Your Player experience determines your Player Level, which in turn determines your total World Energy, increases the size of your Hero Roster, and increases your available Team Cost. Raid Energy does not increase with level and currently has a maximum of 6. Player Experience is gained via map stages and quests.

What heroes can you get from TC20?

TC20 Heroes

  • Wu Kong.
  • Kashhrek.
  • Domitia.
  • Vivica.

How much iron do you need for Hero Academy?

First, level up your Hero Academy to level 6. Research Level 6. Use 151k iron and 150 recruits to start training a 3* troop. Then, add more iron and recruits to train more 3* troops.

What are the buildings in Hero Academy?

The Hero Academy was first announced in December, 2018. This building is added in Version 30. It allows you to train 1-4 star heroes (including trainer heroes), 1-3 star troops, and retrain 4 star troops and 5 star heroes. It is available at Stronghold 25.

Where can I store iron empires and puzzles?

From what I can tell, HA is the place to store iron. As for battle items, you’ll find that once you try to go for higher ranks in events, you’ll go through battle items very quickly. I can easily go through 50+ bomb attacks in an event.

How many iron storages are in Empires and puzzles?

Wiki Targeted (Games) As you level up your Stronghold you gain the ability to build more iron storages, specifically at levels 5, 11, and 20. This means that there is a maximum of 5 storages total that one may have at once.

How do you spend iron in empires and puzzles?

There are currently only two uses for iron in Empires & Puzzles:

  1. Upgrading buildings.
  2. Crafting battle items in the Forge or the Hunter’s Lodge.

What are the advanced buildings in empires and puzzles?

These buildings are the Advanced Mine, Advanced Farm, Advanced Iron Storage, Advanced Food Storage and the Advanced House. The Advanced Mine and Farm are more efficient than their regular versions and the Advanced Iron Storage and Food Storage stores more iron and food than their regular versions respectively.

How much iron does a stronghold 25 need?

Wiki Targeted (Games)

Level Iron Cost Iron/hr
22 2,367,000 ~4,351
23 2,439,000 ~4,005
24 2,545,000 ~3,770
25 2,591,000 ~3,506

What does an advanced House do in empires and puzzles?

Advanced Houses store even more recruits and produce recruits.

What should I upgrade first in empires and puzzles?

Upgrade iron storage as you need to for SH upgrades. Upgrade your mines with your SH up to ~18 for faster builds. Upgrade your farms if you are at all low on food, but they don’t need to be higher unless you are running low.

Where are the hidden blades in empires and puzzles?

All unfarmable ascension mats may be acquired by completing Wanted Missions, killing Titans, winning Wars, competing in Challenge Events. The Mount Umber rare quest also rewards a Hidden Blade.

What does Team Cost mean in empires and puzzles?

As @Danfink3 said, there’s a “cost” for each hero on the team, and it’s much higher for higher star heroes. In theory it caps how strong a team you can use early in the game.

What does ascend mean in empires and puzzles?

Ascension is denoted by the number of golden/grey chevrons on each hero card. Each new level of ascension increases the attack, defense, and health of the hero significantly. It also levels up the hero’s Special Skill. 1* heroes ascend once. 2* and 3* heroes ascend twice.


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