Who does the alpha mate with?

Who does the alpha mate with?

There is just ever one alpha male, however, relying on species, there could also be one or two beta males. Beta males are generally sub-adults – simply acknowledged, as their plumage retain female-like characters. Only the alpha male is ever seen to mate with the feminine.

What is Ultima Wolf?

An ultima has 4 identified kinds, with or with out purple eyes. Like common werewolves, the ultima has a human-like type and one with their ears and tail uncovered. However, ultimas can flip extra wolf-like in look. The first ultima had a type that resembled a basic lycanthrope.

Which werewolf is the strongest within the order?


Who is probably the most highly effective werewolf in Vampire Diaries?


Who is stronger vampires or werewolves?

The Fight! Vampires and Werewolves each have an extended listing of energy and weak point that might simply flip the tides of a battle. So while a Werewolf is stronger and tougher to kill, A Vampires mind, velocity and resilience would positively be a fantastic benefit.

Is it higher to be a vampire or werewolf?

Werewolf/Beast Form is best to have than Vampire Lord type. Werewolves are stronger quicker and higher in each manner. If your combating in werewolf type don’t stand toe to toe use the velocity you may have and run round them whereas swiping and you’ll destroy them quicker whereas taking much less harm.

Who would win in a struggle a werewolf or vampire?

There are 4 werewolves who’re teenagers (as a result of they’re the strongest) underneath the total moon of their wolf type. If the vampire is cautious in utilizing magic and energy, the vampire might beat all of them however typically, the werewolf would win.

Can a werewolf turn into a vampire?

Yes. Lycanthropy is a illness and vampires, being undead, can’t get ailments. This prevents vampires from turning into werewolves, however werewolves can nonetheless turn into vampires, so that you simply must be sure you turn into them in the fitting order.

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