Which piece of historical evidence would be most helpful in sequencing the events of an ancient war between Greece and Persia?

Which piece of historical evidence would be most helpful in sequencing the events of an ancient war between Greece and Persia?

Letters from a Persian general could help to understand a timeline of events during that ancient war between Greece and Persia through what is written in the letters explaining the mindset of the general at the time of writing the letter.

What was the name of Katherines mother?

Nadia Petrova

Who is the author of Mother?

Maxim Gorky

What was the name of author mother?

Mother (Gorky novel) Mother (Russian: Мать) is a novel written by Maxim Gorky in 1906 about revolutionary factory workers.

What happened to the author’s mother?

What happened to the narrator’s mother when she had run into the burning house? Ans: The author’s mother inhaled a little smoke when she ran into the burning house. She was rescued by the firemen who put an oxygen mask on her after bringing her out. However, she was fine soon.

What is the name of author’s mother in the address?

‘The Address’ by Marga Minco throws light on a multitude of human emotions. On her first visit to 46, Marconi Street (Mrs Dorling’s house), the author was given a cold shoulder by Mrs Dorling. This act of Mrs Dorling is enough to tell us that the author’s mother was betrayed by Mrs Dorling.

What is the moral of the story the address?

“the address” is a story that highlights the situation that follows after a war ,it also shows to what extent human morals are wrecked after a war. ”in the story “the address” we find that war has taken away everything from the narrator , she has lost her family to the war .

What is the main message of the story the address?

Answer. The Address by Marga Minco revolves around the theme of crisis that we as an individual encounter in our daily life. War brings destruction, pain, and loss of lives which impact humans in various ways. However, this story speaks about the narrator and mother’s life how they are disrupted due to war.

Who was Mr Dorling?

Mr. Dorling was an old acquaintance of the narrator’s mother whom she had not seen for years. She had recently renewed her contact with the narrator’s mother. The narrator’s mother told her daughter that Mrs.

How did Mr Dorling try to avoid the narrator?

Dorling refused to recognize the narrator . When she realised that she had been found out , she said that she couldnt do anything for the narrator . She aksed the narrator to come on some other day .

Did Mrs Dorling welcome the narrator to her house?

No, Mrs Dorling did not welcome the narrator to her house. As she hid herself and was talking with her in an abrupt way. Also she behaved as if she does not know the narrator and she was trying not to so the interior of her house to the narrator.


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