Which of those components has a direct affect on the unfold of Postclassical empires?

Which of those components has a direct affect on the unfold of Postclassical empires?

Answer Expert Verified Among the principle components that influences the unfold of put up classical empires is “Expansion of transcontinental commerce routes.”

What makes a civilization Post classical?

The Post-classical period noticed a number of frequent developments or themes. There was the enlargement and development of civilization into new geographic areas; the rise and/or unfold of the three main world, or missionary, religions; and a interval of quickly increasing commerce and commerce networks.

How did commerce networks within the put up classical period?

How did commerce networks within the post-classical period examine to the classical period? improved transportation applied sciences and industrial practices led to an elevated quantity of commerce, and expanded the geographical vary of current and newly-active commerce networks. You simply studied 33 phrases!

How did the enlargement of empires and commerce networks impression the interactions of peoples?

Though Afro-Eurasia and the Americas remained separate from one another, this period witnessed a deepening and widening of outdated and new networks of human interplay inside and throughout areas. Expanding networks fostered larger interregional borrowing whereas on the similar time sustaining regional range.

Why did commerce networks develop?

The League was established to guard commerce between member cities. As within the classical age, empires facilitated commerce and introduced giant areas and new folks below their financial administration. These are nice examples of the impression of state constructing on networks of communication and change

Why did historic Egypt start to commerce extra with different areas?

When the Egyptians explored south alongside the Nile, they discovered the riches of Nubia. This land had different pure sources, resembling gold mines and cattle. After the Egyptians conquered Nubia, they expanded commerce to different elements of Africa. Throughout early historical past, most Egyptians have been self-sufficient farmers.

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