Which of the following happens when fossil fuels are burned quizlet?

Which of the following happens when fossil fuels are burned quizlet?

Burning fossil fuels produces waste products due to impurities in the fuel. It produces various gases, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide and volatile organic compounds. The result is acid rain, smog and soot. Water sources are contaminated from acid rain.

Which of the following happens when fossil fuels are burned Brainly?

Answer :Carbon dioxide and other pollutants are released into the air.

What happens when fuels burn?

During combustion, new chemical substances are created from the fuel and the oxidizer. Most of the exhaust comes from chemical combinations of the fuel and oxygen. When a hydrogen-carbon-based fuel (like gasoline) burns, the exhaust includes water (hydrogen + oxygen) and carbon dioxide (carbon + oxygen).

What happens when humans burn fossil fuels quizlet?

Humans burn fossil fuels for energy. Burning fossil fuels releases carbon back into the atmosphere. When we burn fossil fuels, TOO MUCH carbon dioxide is put into the atmosphere. This causes global warming.

What is one effect of burning fossil fuels has on the atmosphere?

Burning fossil fuels emits a number of air pollutants that are harmful to both the environment and public health. Sulfur dioxide (SO2) emissions, primarily the result of burning coal, contribute to acid rain and the formation of harmful particulate matter.

How does burning fossil fuels contribute to climate change?

Fossil fuels produce large quantities of carbon dioxide when burned. Carbon emissions trap heat in the atmosphere and lead to climate change. In the United States, the burning of fossil fuels, particularly for the power and transportation sectors, accounts for about three-quarters of our carbon emissions.

Why does burning fossil fuels increase global warming?

Global warming is caused primarily from putting too much carbon into the atmosphere when coal, gas, and oil are burned to generate electricity or to run our cars. These gases spread around the planet like a blanket, keeping in solar heat that would otherwise be radiated out into space.

Is global warming & climate change the same thing?

“Global warming” refers to the rise in global temperatures due mainly to the increasing concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. “Climate change” refers to the increasing changes in the measures of climate over a long period of time – including precipitation, temperature, and wind patterns.

What is biggest contributor to climate change?

Globally, the two biggest sectors that contribute to climate change are electricity generation (~25%) and food & land use (~24%). In other words, burning coal, oil, and natural gas to generate electricity is the single largest source of global emissions, but the food & land use sector is nearly tied with it.

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What is Earth’s warmest year on record?



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