Which civilization used the writing system of linear A?

Which civilization used the writing system of linear A?

Minoan civilization

What was the writing system of the Minoan called Brainly?

Answer: The Linear A script was the writing system used by the Minoan civilization.

What words are associated with the Minoan civilization?

According to the algorithm that drives this word similarity engine, the top 5 related words for “minoan” are: knossos, bronze age, crete, minos, and neolithic. There are 408 other words that are related to or similar to minoan listed above.

What was the Minoan civilization quizlet?

The Minoan civilization was the first civilization in (Asia). The first civilization with (economic) equality was Minoa. Most Minoans had enough food and lived in fairly (small) homes. Minoans built many towns, each centered on a (palace).

Which factors started the collapse of the Mycenaean civilization?

The one factor that started the collapse of the Mycenaean civilization was earthquakes. The correct option among all the options given in the question is option “c”. The Mycenaean civilization ended very abruptly. The only reason that can bring such a great civilization to an abrupt end could be a natural disaster.

What are two differences between the Minoans and the Mycenaeans?

The only differences are their iconographic elements. Minoans relied heavily on religious iconography, depicting the images of their gods and especially goddesses. Unlike Minoans, known for their peaceful thalassocracy, the Mycenaean society was oriented towards war and expansion, and it showed in their art.

What are the similarities between the Minoan and Mycenaean civilizations?

The waning of Minoan influence and waxing of Mycenaean dominance has been observed from the archaeological evidence, and the close connection between the two cultures is represented in similarities in the architecture of the palatial complexes, burial practices, and the transmission of iconography and goods from Crete …

Which came first Minoan or Mycenaean?

The Minoans were also the first literate people of Europe. The Mycenaean civilization developed in mainland Greece in the second millennium before the Common Era. It shared many cultural features with the Minoans. They used the Linear B script, an early form of Greek.

What trade good did the Minoans export?

The Minoans exported and imported an immense variety of objects. They exported textiles, such as fine clothing and shoes, and most likely exported general cloth and wool as well. They may have exported silk, which was found on the Aegean island of Kos directly after the Minoan collapse.

What fills the relieving triangle of the Lion Gate at Mycenae?

In the case of the Lion Gate, the relieving triangle has been filled with a relief sculpture. The gate itself and the walls to either side (which are almost 20 feet thick) are constructed of dressed stone layed in regular courses. This is called ashlar masonry.

What does the Lion Gate symbolize?

The imposing gate of the citadel with the representation of the lionesses or lions was an emblem of the Mycenaean kings and a symbol of their power to both subjects and foreigners. It also has been argued that the lionesses (assuming they are not male lions) are a symbol of the goddess Hera.

What is the purpose of a relieving triangle?

A relieving triangle is a space (usually triangular) above a lintel in megalithic architecture to relieve the weight of the masonry. One example of a relieving triangle is the Lion Gate at Mycenae. Two lions in heraldic composition flank a pillar, forming a triangle.

What is the name for the triangular space above the gate?

A pediment is an architectural element found particularly in Classical, Neoclassical and Baroque architecture, and its derivatives, consisting of a gable, usually of a triangular shape, placed above the horizontal structure of the lintel, or entablature, if supported by columns.


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