Where did Dravidians came from?

Where did Dravidians came from?

Formation of modern Dravidians. Recent studies have shown that the proto-Dravidians were descendants of neolithic farmers which are suggested to have migrated from the Zagros Mountains in modern-day Iran to northern South Asia some 10,000 years ago.

Why are Dravidians living in the South?

The Dravidians may seem more indigenous only because the surviving Dravidian peoples are concentrated in southern India, where they assimilated larger aboriginal populations; the large genetic imprint of Iranian-farmer DNA among elite groups in Dravidian cultures, such as the Kannadigas, Telugus, and Tamils, testifies …

Are yadavs Kshatriya?

Yadav leaders and intellectuals have often focused on their claimed descent from Yadu, and from Krishna, which they argue confers kshatriya status upon them, and effort has been invested in recasting the group narrative to emphasise kshatriya-like valour, however, the overall tenor of their movement has not been …

Who killed Yadavas?


Why did Yadavas leave Mathura?

Mythology has it that Lord Krishna shifted to Dwarka after renouncing war. It is said that Lord Krishna killed his maternal uncle Kamsa and made his grandfather Ugrasen king of Mathura. To save his people, Krishna and the Yadavas decided to move the capital from Mathura to Dwarka.

How did Rukmini died?

Krishna heroically carried away Rukmini, as per her wish, and eloped with her as they loved each other and to prevent her unwanted marriage to Shishupala arranged by her brother Rukmi….

Born Vidarbha Kingdom
Died Dwaraka
Parents Bhishmaka (father) Shuddhamati (mother)
Siblings Brothers including Rukmi

Who was Radha husband?

Radha is sometimes considered as an avatar of goddess Lakshmi as in the Nimbarka Sampradaya and by some, as the feminine form of Krishna himself. Radha’s birthday is celebrated annually as Radhashtami….

Parents Vrishabhanu (father) Kriti Devi / Kirtida (mother)
Consort Krishna

Why did Ganga curse Arjuna?

The Vasus, Bhīṣma’s brothers, cursed Arjuna after he killed Bhīṣma through treachery in the Kurukshetra War. Upon hearing him, Ganga said that Arjuna would be killed by his own son, Babruvāhana—Arjuna’s son through Chitrāngadā—and brought back to life when Ulupi placed a gem called Nāgamaṇi on his chest.

Why did Ganga killed 7 sons?

Shantanu could not ask her the reason, because of his promise, lest she would leave him. One by one, seven sons were born and drowned by Ganga. Then she told him that their eight children were Eight Vasu’s who were cursed by Vasishtha to be born on earth as mortal humans.

Why Arjuna had so many wives?

From his four wives, Arjuna had four sons, one from each wife — Shrutakarma, Iravan, Babhruvahana and Abhimanyu. During his second exile, Arjuna gained many celestial weapons. Despite being a powerful warrior, Arjuna was also skilled in music and dance….

Spouse Draupadi, Ulupi, Chitrāngadā and Subhadra

What was shakuni’s motive?

Shakuni is also one of the masterminds behind the Kurukshetra War. His intentions include his desire to avenge the insult Bhishma made. Shakuni’s main enmity was with Bhishma, who had brought the proposal of his beloved sister, Gandhari, which Shakuni thought was an insult to Gandhara.

Why did Arjun leave chitrangada?

Arjuna fell in love with her on account of her honesty and courage. Arjuna’s wanderings, during his period of exile, also took him to the ancient kingdom of Manipura. When Chitrangada had given birth to a son, Arjuna embraced her affectionately and took leave of her and her father to resume his wanderings.


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