What would be the best title for this list life liberty pursuit of happiness?

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What would be the best title for this list life liberty pursuit of happiness?

Unalienable rights

Can you think of another title for this poem?

Answer. Answer: The alternate title for “A Prayer for Healing” is “Recreate a Human Community”. The poet is urging everyone to come together and develop a world that is far more caring and loving in nature.

What is the title of the given poem?

The title of the poem should always appear the top of the poem so it is the first thing the reader sees. You should then capitalize all words except for the articles in the poem so it is grammatically correct. For example, you would format a title as: “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” or “At the Dinner Table.”

How do you find a good poem title?

How To Come Up With The Right Title For Your Poem (With Examples)

  1. Examples of Great Poem Titles — And What Makes Them So Good.
  2. Choose evocative language.
  3. Lead with an archetype.
  4. Go for the emotional jugular.
  5. Raise a question/conflict.
  6. Use a single word.

Who is the speaker in this line?

[The extract is taken from the Animal Farm] Old Major, the boar, is the speaker of the lines above. In a farm meeting of animals of Manor Farm, he explains that he is getting old and may die soon, so he wishes to impart his wisdom.

Who is the speaker in the above mentioned lines?

Vikram Seth

Who is she in the above line?

Evelyn Glennie. 2. She was going to the prestigious Royal Academy of Music in London.

Why is the speaker called cunning?

The speaker is called cunning because he flatters the fly and he wants to dine upon her. He shows false affection towards her.

Which occasion is the speaker talking about?

Answer. Answer: The speaker is talking about occasion that on that day Souyh Africa got independence.

Where is the speaker being taken why?

Actually, the speaker is being taken to the Shambles’ Gate for executing him. So, all the citizens, who once welcomed him as a patriot, now wait by the scaffold the see the speaker’s execution.

What must have happened before the speaker says all this?

A: The speaker in the poem is talking to his/her parents. A: Before the speaker says all this, the parents must have given the speaker a lot of advice on various topics as soon as the speaker shared some problem with them. 5.

What reason does the speaker gives for Antonio’s sadness?

Answer: He suggests that he has much to do, probably some serious introspection, to understand his melancholy. Salarino suggests that Antonio’s mood is caused by his concerns over his trade ships at sea where they are at the mercy of the waves over which they rock and duck.

What is Antonio’s state of mind?

Answer: Antonio’s state of mind is melancholic. Salarino describes Antonio’s ships as Orlando. Salanio would pluck the grasses and let them flow to know where the wind is blowing.

What are Antonio’s friends trying to impress upon him?

Answer. Antonio was in a melancholy mood for no reason and thus his friends, Salarino and salanio are trying to impress him so that he(Antonio) can get rid of his grief . He may be melancholic by nature. He fears losing Bassanio to Portia.

What does Salanio thinks Antonio’s sadness is about?

Salanio says that Antonio is sad because he has no one to make him merry or laugh. Antonio does not want to lose Bassanio to Portia and he is afraid of losing him. Antonio could also be sad because he cannot lend Bassanio money since his money is tied to the ships.

Why is Antonio so sad at the first scene?

Why was Antonio sad in Merchant of Venice Act 1 Scene 1​ He said Antonio’s sadness is due to he is aging and he would like to mess with young people like Bassanio. So from this point his love to Bassanio is more like a father to a son. Some say he is sad because Bassanio is going to marry Portia…

What are Antonio’s ships compared to?

Salarino compares Antonio’s ships sailing on the waves with the great lords and wealthy citizens, who look down on lesser men as they walk along the street. He says that compared to smaller ships, Antonio’s ships move swiftly on the sea with their canvas sails and look like grand spectacles or pageants of the sea.

Is Antonio in love with Bassanio?

Shakespeare has made it clear that the path to Bassanio’s heterosexual love cannot seperate itself from Antonio’s homosexual love. Bassanio does not exactly reciprocate, but he does accept the sacrifice. He later gives his ring to the disguised Portia as a repayment for saving Antonio’s life.

Is Shylock a villain or a victim?

Shylock is a combination of both victim and villain in The Merchant of Venice. He is a victim of discrimination and mistreated by Antonio and his daughter, Jessica. Shylock’s greedy, vengeful nature is what makes him a villain, which helps drive the plot of the play.

Who is the real hero of Merchant of Venice?


Why did Bassanio kiss Antonio?

To help his friend, Antonio borrows money from the Jewish moneylender Shylock, who has been subjected to past prejudice and anti-Semitic insults from Antonio. They discuss Bassanio’s plans and Antonio agrees to help. But before he leaves, Bassanio delivers a kiss that is as passionate as any with Portia.

Why does Bassanio love Antonio?

Antonio is the merchant who is very generous, particularly with his good friends. Bassanio needs money in order to woo Portia. Even though all of Antonio’s money is tied up in products yet to be sold, he agrees to help Bassanio because they are such close friends. He is a very loyal friend just as Antonio is to him.

Why does Shylock hate Antonio?

Shylock hates Antonio because Antonio has the privilege of being a wealthy Venetian who charges no interest on his loans, and he also hates Antonio for being a Christian. Antonio not only loans money interest-free to many, he has also covered the loans of Shylock’s victims without charging them interest to repay him.

Who is Antonio wife in Merchant of Venice?

Why is Antonio happy?

He is more than happy to offer his good credit standing so that Bassanio can go to Belmont in the latest fashions in order to court Portia. Antonio’s generosity is boundless, and for Bassanio, he is willing to go to the full length of friendship, even if it means that he himself may suffer for it.

Who is the most important character in The Merchant of Venice?

The two most important characters in William Shakespeare’s “The Merchant of Venice” are Antonio, the title character, a businessman who, hoping to help a friend, Bassanio, win the heart of the woman he loves, Portia, agrees to an unconventional financial arrangement with the other most important character, Shylock, a …

What are the 4 main plot in The Merchant of Venice?

All four plots are bound by the threads of love, generosity, friendship, and the wise use of money, which are the ideals of the Elizabethan society. The plots are also reflective of one another. Antonio’s love for Bassanio is reflected in Bassanio’s love for Portia.

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