What were some of the major dangers pioneers faced on the Oregon Trail?

What were some of the major dangers pioneers faced on the Oregon Trail?

Major threats to pioneer life and limb came from accidents, exhaustion, and disease. Crossing rivers were probably the most dangerous thing pioneers did. Swollen rivers could tip over and drown both people and oxen. Such accidents could cause the loss of life and most or all of valuable supplies.

What obstacles did Pioneers face?

Obstacles included accidental discharge of firearms, falling off mules or horses, drowning in river crossings, and disease. After entering the mountains, the trail also became much more difficult, with steep ascents and descents over rocky terrain. The pioneers risked injury from overturned and runaway wagons.

Are wagon train stories true?

The series, inspired by the 1950 John Ford film “Wagon Master,” detailed the travails of people aboard a wagon train journeying from Missouri to California after the Civil War. Horton was Ward Bond, who played the grizzled wagon master, Maj. Seth Adams.

Was Robert Fuller a fast draw?

Fuller also starred in other westerns during his career, including Wagon Train and numerous movies. Bernita next asked Fuller, “How did you make your fast draw authentic?” After noting that his fast draw was recorded at . 28 seconds, Fuller said the three magic words, “Practice, practice, practice.”

Did Robert Fuller do his own stunts on Laramie?

Robert Fuller’s Stunt Double on LARAMIE. I always wondered what he looked like. I know RF did many stunts himself.

Who is the little boy that played on Laramie?

Robert Lawrence Crawford Jr. (born May 13, 1944) is an American actor who portrayed the character Andy Sherman on the NBC television series Laramie in 1959 and 1960.

How long was Hoagy Carmichael on Laramie?

Hoagy Carmichael left the show after one season.

What happened to the son on the Rifleman?

In 2019, multiple sources reported that Crawford had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Johnny’s longtime friend, actor Paul Petersen started a GoFundMe fundraiser to help cover the cost of his Alzheimer’s care. Per Petersen and Johnny’s wife Charlotte, Johnny has lost the ability to speak.

Is Dennis Holmes still alive?

OMAHA — Dennis Joe Holmes, 69, formerly of Kearney, died Monday, Jan. 14, 2019, in Omaha from complications of cancer treatment. Dennis Joe Holmes was born on July 19, 1949, in Burwell to Robert Maurice Holmes and Phyllis Lenore (Hennings) Holmes.


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