What were most of the buildings in Kalhu built from?

What were most of the buildings in Kalhu built from?

Cylinder seals

What original element of the head of a woman Fig 2/3 might symbolize the purity of the figure?

week 2 quiz. Question 10Correct What original element of the Head of a Woman (Fig. 2-3) symbolizes the purity of the figure? Selected Answer: the marble face Question 11Correct Stepped structures known as ziggurats may have developed from the practice of: Selected Answer: repeated rebuilding at sacred sites.

Which culture controlled most of Mesopotamia by the end of the ninth century BCE?

the Assyrians

What city was Nebuchadnezzar II responsible?

His capital, Babylon, is the largest archaeological site in the Middle East. Nebuchadnezzar is identified in the Bible as the king responsible for destroying Solomon’s Temple and initiating the Babylonian captivity, and is a significant character in the Book of Daniel….

Nebuchadnezzar II
Father Nabopolassar

What culture controlled most of Mesopotamia?


Which is the land between two rivers?

Ancient Mesopotamia

Why are rivers important for economy?

Rivers are important for the country’s economy because water from the rivers is a basic natural resource essential for various human activities. The rivers provide water for irrigation. 2. They provide fertility to the soil.

How do rivers affect the economy of a country?

The most important contribution of rivers is providing water for irrigation purposes and industrial uses. It also acts as a disposal system of waste water. There are many river based ports which increase trade and commerce between countries. Thus rivers act like lifelines of people and the entire economy.

How do rivers help us?

Humans use rivers for irrigation in agriculture, for drinking water, for transportation, to produce electricity through hydroelectric dams, and for leisure activities like swimming and boating.

How can we protect our rivers from pollution?

Don’t throw any solid waste into the water streams as it clogs the flow of water thereby leading to pollution. Avoid releasing construction waste into the river. Use organic gardening techniques and avoid using pesticides and other herbicides. Avoid releasing harmful chemicals and oils into storm drains or rivers.

How can we protect our rivers lakes and seas?

9 tips for keeping our lakes and rivers clean

  1. Use mulch and vegetation to keep soil from washing away.
  2. Sweep or rake grass and leaves away from street curbs.
  3. Mulch and compost grass clippings and leaves.
  4. Keep paved surfaces to a minimum.
  5. Capture water runoff with a rain garden and rain barrels.
  6. Wash your car on the grass, where the water will get filtered.

How can we save a dying river?

Turn off lights to conserve electricity. Although this doesn’t conserve water directly, water is used to produce electrical energy. Leave the lights off when you don’t need them. Make sure your electronic devices are off and unplugged. It reduces your energy bill in addition to keeping more water in rivers.

How can we save a friend who fell in the nearby river?

Shout for help along the shore. If you do decide to get into the water and help the victim, let someone know before you go in. You can either tell a fellow lifeguard or swimmers nearby so they can keep an eye out for the both of you. Bystanders may also be able to help with the rescue if you’re struggling.


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