What was the outcome of the battle at sea between the Union ship Monitor and the Confederate ship Virginia?

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What was the outcome of the battle at sea between the Union ship Monitor and the Confederate ship Virginia?

In the early afternoon, the Virginia pulled back to Norfolk. Neither ship was seriously damaged, but the Monitor effectively ended the short reign of terror that the Confederate ironclad had brought to the Union navy.

What was significant about the battle between the Merrimack and the Monitor?

The Battle of the Monitor and Merrimack is famous because it was the first clash between ironclad warships. This battle changed the future of naval warfare. It took place on March 8, 1862 and March 9, 1862.

Who won the battle between Monitor and Merrimac?

The subsequent battle between the two ironclads was generally interpreted as a victory for the Monitor, however, and produced feelings of combined relief and exultation in the North. While the battle was indecisive, it is difficult to exaggerate the profound effect on morale that was produced in both regions.

Who was the captain of the USS Monitor?

John Lorimer Worden

When was the Hunley found?

May 3rd, 1995

What happened to the Hunley after it completed its mission?

Once the torpedo had detonated on the Housatonic, the submarine signaled to shore she had completed her mission and was on the way home. Confederates on shore lit a fire to help guide the submarine back to land, but instead, the Hunley disappeared into the sea.

Where was Hunley found?

Charleston, SC

WHO raised the Hunley?

Horace Lawson Hunley

What ship did the Hunley sink?

USS Housatonic

Were there submarines in the Civil War?

The Confederacy made more use of submarines than the Union. The Union mostly tried to use submarines to remove underwater obstructions. The First Civil War Subs. One of the first submarines for the Union was the USS Alligator which was launched in 1862.

How did the Hunley change naval warfare?

Hunley recognized the importance of breaking the Union blockade and keeping supply lines open to the South. The small band of Confederates began work on a new approach to naval warfare, one that took the fight below the water’s surface. This quest became a process of innovation and evolution.


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