What languages belong to the Indo-European language family?

What languages belong to the Indo-European language family?

The Indo-European languages have a large number of branches: Anatolian, Indo-Iranian, Greek, Italic, Celtic, Germanic, Armenian, Tocharian, Balto-Slavic and Albanian.

Which languages are parts of the Indo-European language family quizlet?

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  • Indo-European. The language family spoken by most people on earth today is.
  • language family. Romanian, Spanish, Italian, French and Portuguese are all part of the same.
  • Indo-Iranian, Romance, Germanic.
  • Indo-European languages.
  • Khoisan.
  • Mandarin Chinese.
  • Uralic.
  • Sino-Tibetan.

What are the 4 branches of Indo-European?

Branches. The Indo-European language family has four main living branches: Indo-Iranian, Balto-Slavic, Germanic, and Italic.

What languages belong to the Indo-European family Brainly?

The language groups that belong in this language family are the Albanian, Armenian, Baltic, Slavic, Germanic, Celtic, Hellenic, Indo-Aryan, and Italic. Some of these groups are widely distributed across the globe, while some are spoken only in small areas.

What is the term for a language no longer spoken Brainly?

Answer: – A language, such as Arameian, that is no longer spoken. Explanation: The lost languages are languages that have gone extinct over time. These languages were spoken by a group of people in the past and existed for a particular period of time in a particular area.

What is the largest language spoken in the Indo European family?

The Cornish language, however has less than 3,000 speakers. French and Italian have more than 50 million native speakers each. In total, 46% of the world’s population (3.2 billion) speaks an Indo-European language as a first language, by far the highest of any language family….Indo-European languages.

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What is the largest language family?

Based on speaker count, Indo-European and Sino-Tibetan are the largest two language families, with over 4.6 billion speakers between them. The two most spoken languages are in these families – English is classified as Indo-European, and Mandarin Chinese is classified as Sino-Tibetan.

Is Arabic Indo European?

Persian and Arabic belong to two different language families; Indo- European and Semitic respectively.

What is the root language of all languages?

The common ancestor of English, Latin, Greek, Russian, Gaelic, Hindi, and many other languages spoken in Europe and India is known as Proto-Indo-European, whereas the more recent common ancestor of just English, German, Dutch, Norwegian and the other Germanic languages is known as Proto-Germanic.

Is Sanskrit a European language?

Origin and development Sanskrit belongs to the Indo-European family of languages. It is one of the three earliest ancient documented languages that arose from a common root language now referred to as Proto-Indo-European language: Vedic Sanskrit ( c. 1500–500 BCE).

What is a non Indo European language?

You may have noticed that a few languages spoken on the European continent are not included in the Indo-European family of languages. Finnish, Hungarian and Estonian belong to the Uralic (also called Finno-Ugric) family, and Basque (spoken in the Pyrenees region) has no genetic relation to any other language.

What are the 3 main language groups in Europe?

Language families The vast majority of EU languages belong to the Indo-European family: the three dominant subfamilies are the Germanic, Romance, and Slavic.

Why is it called Indo European language?

Indo european , the term was derived for the language family , as we have indo persian ,indo germanic and other language family roots. In 1786, Sir William Jones, a British judge working in India, proposed a common ancestor for Greek, Latin, Sanskrit, Persian, German, and Celtic.

Is German a Romance language?

No, I wouldn’t class German as a Romance (or Latin) language. It’s true that many Germanic languages have many latinate words (especially English, I think), but the structure of Germanic languages is different. English belongs to the Germanic family, which also includes German, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian and Swedish.

What is the oldest Romance language?


Is English a beautiful language?

The English language is also beautiful because it has many languages combined into it. German, Norse, French, and Latin are just a few. The way it is spoken nowadays, probably turns some people off.

What are the most attractive languages?

And the most beautiful languages in the world are…


Why English is the most confusing language?

It’s the most widely taught foreign language in the world. However, even though the language is widely used, it’s not easy to learn. There are many confusing oddities such as homophones, homographs, homonyms, and inconsistent spellings that conspire to make English difficult to learn and easy to misunderstand.

Is English the slowest language?

English is actually one of the slowest spoken languages in the world, behind Mandarin Chinese. As it turns out, English and Mandarin syllables are among the most data-dense in the world, which is why they are spoken the slowest, at respective paces of 6.19 and 5.18 syllables per second.


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