What is the connection between squeaky and Raymond?

What is the connection between squeaky and Raymond?

Raymond admires Squeaky, and Squeaky is fiercely protecting and happy with Raymond. Sometimes I slip and say my little brother Raymond. But as any idiot can see he’s a lot larger and he’s older too. But lots of people name him my little brother trigger he wants taking care of trigger he’s not fairly proper.

How does squeaky really feel about her brother Raymond?

Q. How does Squeaky really feel about her brother Raymond? Squeaky loves him. He embarrasses her.

What did Raymond do when squeaky received the race?

Raymond lives with a developmental incapacity, and all through the story Squeaky is in control of his care. She takes him along with her wherever she goes, and he or she defends him in opposition to the derogatory remarks made by neighborhood youngsters.

WHat are some similarities between Squeaky and Gretchen?

Both Squeaky and Gretchen are comparable within the sense that each are aggressive women who’re targeted on profitable the race. In the start, each are cautious of one another. Squeaky dislikes Gretchen as a result of a former buddy has now taken up with the brand new lady.

WHat does she notice about Raymond after her race?

She realizes that he’s face, and he or she decides that he has an actual ability, one thing that nobody can take away from him. She is happy with him. Squeaky decides that day that she will be able to coach Raymond to be a runner.

What are squeaky’s future plans for Raymond?

Not solely does she resolve that she will be able to coach Raymond, she realizes with extra work she could be a higher scholar, and with extra compassion she could be a buddy to the opposite women. At her younger age, Squeaky has an epiphany; she has extra potential than merely being a great runner.

How does Squeaky’s view of Gretchen change through the story?

Squeaky’s notion of Gretchen modifications utterly when she is available in second place. Gretchen just isn’t a poser in spite of everything! She is mostly a runner. And she nods to congratulate me after which she smiles.

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