What is probably the most longest phrase?

What is probably the most longest phrase?

pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis Appearing within the Oxford English Dictionary, this 45-letter phrase for a illness is the longest English phrase that’s outlined in a serious dictionary. It’s a technical phrase referring to the lung illness extra generally generally known as silicosis.

Can you say completely lovely?

‘Beautiful’ will not be (grammatically) an ‘excessive adjective’. ‘Totally lovely’ and ‘completely lovely’ are a lot rarer phrases, and sound extra casual. If you used very lovely and completely lovely with a local speaker of American English, there could be nothing uncommon or unusual in what you’ve stated.

Is it appropriate to say lovely?

‘Very lovely’ is completely good English. The solely rationalization I can consider in your instructor’s remark is that she could also be pondering of pairs of phrases like ‘offended’ and ‘livid’, the place we are able to say ‘very offended’ however not ‘very livid’, as a result of ‘livid’ has an ‘excessive’ which means to it.

Is it appropriate to say extra lovely?

As The Newt Says, solely the adverb is appropriate, though you may hear some individuals use the adjective. To use the adjective accurately, you want a noun or gerund. His dancing is extra lovely than anybody else’s.

Can I say very beautiful?

As you talked about, use “beautiful” as a substitute of “very lovely” – it’s a extra fascinating, extra highly effective phrase. In the identical method, possibly use “beautiful” or “breathtaking” as a substitute of “very beautiful.” What you need is A phrase that’s itself extra intense, slightly than merely including an intensifier to a much less fascinating phrase.

What may be very lovely?

Adjective. Extremely lovely or pleasing to view. alluring. beautiful.

Can you say very fairly?

No, they imply the identical factor. Both although are a weak method of expressing simply how fairly one thing is. To enhance your writing abilities, you wish to use phrases that categorical totally different ranges of prettiness slightly than counting on “very” and “actually”. Those phrases are appropriate, however usually don’t add a lot worth.

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