What is the which means of enterprise capital?

What is the which means of enterprise capital?

Definition: Start up corporations with a possible to develop want a certain quantity of funding. Wealthy traders like to take a position their capital in such companies with a long-term development perspective. This capital is called enterprise capital and the traders are known as enterprise capitalists.

What is one other phrase for enterprise?

In this web page you may uncover 62 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and associated phrases for enterprise, like: journey, threat, publish, strive, undertaking, peril, stake, foray, endeavor, try and courageous.

What is the alternative of enterprise?

Antonyms of VENTURE security, assurance, safeguard, defend, inaction, certainty, plan, truth, necessity, abstain, certain factor, surety, actuality, disbelieve, idleness, disguise, guard, design, yield, safety, safety, save, neglect.

What sort of a part of speech is enterprise?


a part of speech: noun
a part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: ventures, venturing, ventured
definition 1: to undertake regardless of potential hazard; courageous the hazards of. He determined to enterprise the journey in any case. synonyms: threat related phrases: journey, try, set about, undertake

How do you employ the phrase enterprise?

He misplaced some huge cash in a failed enterprise enterprise final yr. The newest Russian-American area enterprise has failed as a consequence of engineering issues. People within the capital are afraid to enterprise out of their properties as a consequence of falling particles from buildings broken within the earthquake.

What is the distinction between enterprise and enterprise?

As nouns the distinction between enterprise and enterprise is that enterprise is an organization, enterprise, group, or different purposeful endeavor whereas enterprise is a dangerous or daring endeavor or journey.

What is distinction between enterprise and journey?

As nouns the distinction between enterprise and journey is that enterprise is a dangerous or daring endeavor or journey whereas journey is that which occurs with out design; probability; hazard; hap; therefore, probability of hazard or loss.

Is new journey or enterprise?

The easy reply is that enterprise is a verb (‘enterprise a guess’) and journey is a noun (‘the journey of a lifetime’).

What is an effective synonym for adventurous?

Some widespread synonyms of adventurous are daredevil, daring, foolhardy, rash, reckless, and venturesome.

Are you a adventurous particular person?

They don’t consider in routine: They simply discover the phrase boring. They can’t stand the thought of doing the identical factor daily. It makes their world a little bit extra enjoyable daily and so they can’t wait to get away. They attempt to add to their weekly plans some encouraging expertise to get by the boredom.

What is one other phrase for thrilling?

What is one other phrase for thrilling?

thrilling exhilarating
superb spectacular
emotional astonishing
attention-grabbing placing
superior provocative

What is an effective phrase for tremendous excited?


  • agitated,
  • feverish,
  • frenzied,
  • heated,
  • hectic,
  • hyperactive,
  • overactive,
  • overwrought.

What is one other phrase for an thrilling expertise?

What is one other phrase for thrilling expertise?

belter action-packed occasion
electrifying expertise thrilling occasion
gripping expertise excellent instance
riveting expertise rousing occasion
thrilling occasion thrilling expertise

How do you categorical tremendous pleased?

More Words for “Happy”

  1. Pleased — This phrase means between “pleased” and “glad.”
  2. Cheerful — This is when somebody is visibly pleased.
  3. Exuberant — This is like cheerful — however even stronger.
  4. Euphoric — When you’re intensely pleased.
  5. Merry — This is a little bit like cheerful.
  6. Overjoyed — This merely means “very pleased.”

How do you describe pleasure?

noun. the emotion of nice delight or happiness brought on by one thing exceptionally good or satisfying; eager pleasure; elation: She felt the enjoyment of seeing her son’s success.

What are examples of pleasure?

Joy is outlined as happiness and delight. An instance of pleasure is what you’re feeling in your marriage ceremony day. A really glad feeling; happiness; nice pleasure; delight.

What are the advantages of pleasure?

Benefits of feeling extra pleasure

  • promotes a more healthy way of life.
  • boosts immune system.
  • fights stress and ache.
  • helps longevity.
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