What is an eleven in the giver?

What is an eleven in the giver?

It indicates burgeoning responsibility. Jonas is almost done with being a child, as he is eleven, and adulthood in the community begins at twelve. At his Ceremony of Elevens he received some new clothes and a calculator. At the Ceremony of Twelves, though, he will receive his job assignment as the Receiver of Memories.

What memory does Jonas receive in Chapter 11?

Instead, all further choices are made for them. The Giver transmits two more memories to Jonas that are as lyrical as the first memory. Jonas receives a memory of sunshine that is as pleasurable as the sled-riding memory. Confused, Jonas questions The Giver about the pain that he’d been told he would have to endure.

What is Chapter 12 about in the giver?

Chapter 12 Summary. It is the second day of Jonas’s training as the Receiver of Memory. He has been instructed not to share his dreams with others, but he is still uneasy with the idea that it is permissible for him to lie.

Does Rosemary die in the giver?

Release means death. After the video ends, The Giver tells Jonas that Rosemary asked to inject herself at her release. She committed suicide.

Why are stirrings bad in the giver?

If the “Stirrings” are sexual desires, we can see why the community would want to keep these controlled. The Elders assign spouses and family units. Individuals do not get to choose their partners, and so there is no point in having sexual feelings which might cause them to be attracted to one another.

What is wrong with the giver?

What was wrong with the Giver? He was suffering from the pain of too many horrible memories.

Did Jonas want to feel stirrings again?

Though the feelings were confused, he thought that he had liked the feelings that his mother had called Stirrings. He remembered that upon waking, he had wanted to feel the Stirrings again.

Why was Caleb lost in the giver?

In Lois Lowry’s The Giver, a replacement Caleb was needed because the first Caleb died in an accident. Such occurrences are extremely rare in Jonas’ community, given how planned the society is. The narrator says that the child had wandered away from his parents before they realized it and he had fallen into the river.

At what age did your age no longer matter in the giver?


What did Jonas’s friend Asher say instead of snack when he was three?

Poor Asher, who always talked too fast and mixed up words, even Page 5 5 as a toddler. As a Three, eager for his juice and crackers at snacktime, he one day said “smack” instead of “snack” as he stood waiting in line for the morning treat. Jonas remembered it clearly.

Why was Jonas’s full number eleven nineteen?

The first number in the sequence refers to how old Jonas is; therefore, 11-19 means that Jonas is an 11-year-old child, and he was the 19th child born that year. Jonas will always have the number 19 attached to his numerical code, but the first number changes after each ceremony.

Why did Asher get smacked a lot when he was a 3?

Why did Asher get smacked a lot when he was a three? He kept saying “smack” instead of “snack.” Why did Jonas get so upset during the Ceremony of 12? His turn was skipped over when giving assignments.

What scares Jonas during the ceremony?

During the Ceremony of Twelve, Jonas’s number is skipped, which causes him extreme anxiety and makes him panic. The Chief Elder then apologizes for causing everyone anxiety and explains that Jonas has been selected to be the community’s next Receiver of Memory, which is a revered, honorable position.

Why is Jonas allowed to lie?

When Jonas’s parents ask him if he understands, he lies and says he does. He lies because he knows that they are the ones who do not understand. Since no one in the community can experience real affection, or attachment, there is no way that they can understand love.

Why did Jonas get so upset during the ceremony of 12 in the giver?

Jonas was upset during the Ceremony of Twelve because of the sudden break in the traditional order of the ceremony. The ceremony works by proceeding chronologically through the numbered children. When a child’s number is called, he/she will be praised for his/her strengths and given his/her Assignment.

What does Jonas think of the giver?

Jonas receives memories of everything that happened before the community went to Sameness. The memories change Jonas. He begins to think about war, love, and a society of differences and choices. Jonas becomes very reflective, and he no longer accepts his society’s claims that it is perfect.

Why was Jonas upset at the end of Chapter 7?

Jonas is terrified and wonders what he has done wrong. The crowd also is uneasy because the Chief Elder has made Jonas the object of attention. By skipping Jonas, the Chief Elder singles him out. Jonas and the crowd are shocked because it’s considered rude to call attention to an individual.

What does Jonas think of each rule?

What does he think of each rule? Jonas’s opinion of each rule is negative. He thinks they are rude, forcing his childhood out the door. Rules one through three, he thought were rude since it didn’t allow him to hang out with his friends.

What is Rule 8 in the giver?

In chapter 9, Jonas begins to read the rules that he must follow since he has been chosen to be the Receiver. Rule 8 states, “You may lie.” At first, Jonas doesn’t want to think about this rule. When he does reflect upon it, he realizes that he has trained since childhood not to tell a lie.

Which new rules bothers Jonas most?

The rules regarding being exempt from rudeness and dream-telling do not bother him, and he has never even thought about applying for release. However, rule number eight, which gives Jonas the permission to lie, does disturb him.


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