What occurs to the boy that grabbed for a similar backpack that Katniss went for?

What occurs to the boy that grabbed for a similar backpack that Katniss went for?

Katniss Everdeen obtained a backpack on the Cornucopia in the course of the 74th Hunger Games, which she needed to battle the boy from District 9 over. However, he was killed in the course of the battle by Clove. Katniss realized this and used mud to camouflage it.

What does Katniss do with the wire that she finds in her backpack?

Within the backpack Katniss finds wire that she makes use of to construct an animal lure. She makes camp close by, up in a tree. There, she conceals herself and her backpack in a sleeping bag that was additionally within the backpack.

How many tributes did Katniss kill?

three tributes

What did Kat get from Glimmer’s physique?

What did Kat get from Glimmer’s physique? Kat obtained bow and arrows from Glimmers physique.

What is Kat’s biggest worry?

Kat’s biggest worry is that her mom and Prim will get punished. Why are Katniss and Gale and efficient searching staff? They are in efficient searching staff Because Gale can do issues Katniss can’t do and Katniss can do issues Gale can’t do.

Why did Peeta draw Rue?

Peeta used the dyes to color an image of Rue after Katniss coated her with flowers when she died. He says he needs to carry them accountable for killing Rue, and Effie tells him that that form of considering is forbidden. Katniss and Peeta, for the primary time in Hunger Games historical past, have been given good scores.

What is ironic about Katniss harm?

What is ironic about Katniss’s harm? A fireball hit her calf and burned it, ironic is that she is named “the woman on hearth”.

How does Katniss purify the water she finds on the finish of Chapter 12?

How does Katniss purify the water she finds on the finish of Part 2, Chapter 12? iodine.

How does Katniss discover out who has been killed on the primary day?

How are the tributes notified that somebody dies within the enviornment? Katniss grabs a tarp and heads to an orange backpack, she has to battle a boy for the pack however he was hit by a knife in his again and dies. Then she is hit with a knife within the pack whereas working for the woods.

What should Katniss add to her water with a view to purify it?

Mud means WATER. Crawling by way of the mud, Katniss finds a pond crammed with water lilies. She workouts huge restraint as she takes out her flask, fills it, drops within the iodine to purify it, after which waits half an hour. Then she drinks.

What does Cato say earlier than he died?

In the top of the film when Katniss is about to kill Cato he says “I’m useless anyway. I at all times was”. What does he imply by this? It signifies that in the course of the enviornment, throughout his killing spree, he realizes that there’s extra to life than killing, and he’s only a pawn in the entire scheme of issues.

What are the 4 backpacks sitting on starvation video games?

The backpacks on the Feast within the 74th Annual Hunger Games have been designed to comprise the factor that every district wanted essentially the most. We know that District 12’s pack contained the drugs for Peeta’s harm, and Cato’s pack contained the body-armour1, however what have been within the packs for Thresh and Foxface?

Do they kill Katniss stylist?

They drag him away and, in keeping with Plutarch Heavensbee, he’s killed throughout interrogation. Katniss suspects that President Snow deliberate this to throw her off-guard whereas within the Hunger Games enviornment. Despite Cinna’s demise, his designs dwell on within the third guide, Mockingjay.

Why did Foxface kill herself?

Did Foxface commit suicide? Foxface knew that her family and friends couldn’t bear to see her die a painful and bloody demise. She noticed a chance to make it seem like her demise was an accident and she or he took it. She additionally fooled Katniss and Peeta within the course of.

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