What happened in the Voting Rights Act of 1965?

What happened in the Voting Rights Act of 1965?

This act was signed into law on August 6, 1965, by President Lyndon Johnson. It outlawed the discriminatory voting practices adopted in many southern states after the Civil War, including literacy tests as a prerequisite to voting.

Why was the Voting Rights Act created?

Designed to enforce the voting rights guaranteed by the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments to the United States Constitution, the Act sought to secure the right to vote for racial minorities throughout the country, especially in the South.

Why the age of voting is 18 years?

The present-day youth are literate and enlightened and the lowering of the voting age would provide to the unrepresented youth of the country an opportunity to give vent to their feelings and help them become a part of the political process. It is, therefore, proposed to reduce the voting age from 21 years to 18 years.

Who can cast postal vote in India?

People working in the union armed forces and state police as well as their wives, and employees working for the Government of India who are officially posted abroad can register for the postal vote, these are also called service voters.

What is postal ballot system?

Postal Ballot will be transmitted through Electronic Means to the voters It enables the voters to cast their vote on an electronically received postal ballot from their preferred location, which is outside their originally assigned voting constituency.

Can I own property in India with OCI?

A: OCI card holders can purchase residential and commercial properties in India. But they are not permitted to purchase agricultural land, including farmland or any kind of plantation property. However, he/she can acquire or transfer immovable property in India, on lease, not exceeding five years.

Can OCI holder have bank account in India?

Such OCI is required re- designate / convert his/her NRE/NRO/FCNR Accounts to resident account, or NRE/FCNB account to RFC account as the case may be. Further, an OCI can open all types of accounts allowed to a Resident customer.

Can a US citizen have a bank account in India?

Foreign nationals can open FA resident savings or current account with a bank in India provided they furnish requisite KYC documents. Banks usually accept a basic account opening form for opening the account.

Can OCI holders have demat account?

NRIs and OCIs can buy stocks of Indian companies through Initial Public Offerings that are made through banks, AMCs, and stock brokerages. The application has to be done online through your NRO/ NRE account linked to Demat and Trading accounts. Some companies allot a specific quota for NRI and OCI investors.

Is PAN card mandatory for OCI card holders?

PAN/Form 60 Rules for NRI/PIO/OCI. If PAN is not available, Form 60 declaration is mandatory. PAN Application Date and PAN Acknowledgment Number on Form 60 is mandatory if the customer’s taxable income in India is Rs 250,000 or more.

Is PAN card different for NRI?

Yes, NRIs can have a Pan Card. An NRI PAN Card is same as a normal PAN Card. It is just a phrase used to differentiate between the card holders; whether they are Residents or Non-Residents.

Can US citizen get PAN card in India?

Foreign citizens/entities can use Form 49AA to apply for a PAN card. Foreign Citizens/Individuals:Foreign individuals who intend to do any financial transactions in India has to apply for PAN card by submitting valid ID and address proof along with date of birth proof.


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