What did Alexander the Great conquer?

What did Alexander the Great conquer?

His conquests included Anatolia, Syria, Phoenicia, Judea, Gaza, Egypt, Mesopotamia, Persia and Bactria, and he extended the boundaries of his own empire as far as Taxila, India (now Pakistan).

What were three setbacks that Alexander the Great suffered?

What were the three setbacks that Alexander the Great suffered? Only three setbacks checked his progress. Along the Indian frontier his officers refused to march farther east, and, after his return to Babylonia, his Macedonian troops mutinied against the integration of Asian troops into the ranks.

Who really won the battle of hydaspes?

The battle resulted in a Greek victory and the surrender of Porus. Large areas of the Punjab between the Hydaspes (Jhelum) and Hyphasis (Beas) rivers were absorbed into the Alexandrian Empire, and Porus was reinstated as a subordinate ruler.

Did Genghis Khan Use Elephants?

It is debatable if the African Forest Elephants of Hannibal Barca were large enough to allow warriors to ride on them. Genghis Khan captured many war elephants that he fought against. The Mongols, Timurids and Mughals would each adopt these Elephants into their Empires through their conquests.

How can you use this document to argue that Alexander was great?

Alexander was “great” because he easily conquered a lot of land and established prominent societies, like Alexandria. Using this document, argue that Alexander was not “great”. Alexander wasn’t “great” because he was egotistical in naming a city after him and conquering land just for greed.

How did Alexander feel about TYRE’s ability to hold him off for seven months ho do you know?

How was Alexander’s army able to cross the Hydaspes before Porus was able to react? How did Alexander feel about Tyre’s ability to hold him off for 7 months? How do you know? Angry because many of his men were killed by them.

Why did Alexander pour water on the ground?

Answer. Explanation: There was not enough water for his troops to drink, so he poured out his helmet full of water to show that he was willing to face the same hardships as his men.

How was Alexander able to turn porus’s elephants into a weapon?

So this time Porus’ troops got mixed up. The wild beasts(elephants) were stampeding on the cavalry killing the king’s relatives, friends etc. It made Porus weak and the massive weapon of his turned against him because his sense of security decreased when Alexander’s troop didn’t attack for many days.


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