Was Polyphemus good or unhealthy?

Was Polyphemus good or unhealthy?

Polyphemus was one of many Cyclops, and as such he was a large monster with one eye in the midst of his brow. He is described as being grasping, silly, brutal, and an eater of human flesh. Homer did not described any of his good factors, however we all know he was beloved by his father, Poseidon.

Does Polyphemus curse come true?

That is: Polyphemus didn’t curse Odysseus in any respect–Polyphemus asks his father, Poseidon (god of the ocean) to place a curse on Odysseus. So Poseidon cursed Odysseus and his males. The impact was storms and winds that stop them from returning residence.

What did Polyphemus pray?

He prays to his father— the god of the ocean, Poseidon鈥攕aying, “Here me, thou girder of the land, dark-haired Poseidon! If I’m actually thine, and thou artwork known as my father, vouchsafe no coming residence to this Odysseus, spoiler of cities, Laertes’ son, whose house is Ithaca.”

What is the character of Polyphemus?

He is extraordinarily robust, he’s violent, merciless, and worst of all, he’s a assassin. Not solely does he kill a few of the males by throwing them in opposition to the wall, he additionally eats them uncooked. Before Odysseus is ready to get his males out of the cave, Polyphemus eats two extra males for breakfast.

What 5 issues does Polyphemus pray for?

Hear me, Poseidon, earth-enfolder, thou dark-haired god, if certainly I’m thy son and thou declarest thyself my father; grant that Odysseus, the sacker of cities, might by no means attain his residence, even the son of Laertes, whose house is in Ithaca; however whether it is his destiny to see his pals and to succeed in his well-built home and his …

Why does Odysseus not kill Polyphemus when he falls asleep?

Why didn’t Odysseus kill Polyphemus in his sleep? He decides to not kill Polyphemus as a result of there was no manner they may get out. They escape by operating with the sheep and behind them in order that Odysseus can’t see them.

Why did Odysseus stab Polyphemus?

Realizing they’re all prone to die, Odysseus places his wily thoughts to make use of. He presents the Cyclops the potent wine in order that he could make Polyphemus drunk, so drunk he’ll go to sleep. When he’s soundly asleep, Odysseus and his males blind the Cyclops by stabbing him in his eye with a sharpened, heated olive pole.

Who stabbed Polyphemus?


What island does Polyphemus dwell on?


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