Samsung Galaxy Home Mini 2 "production started"

The Samsung Galaxy Home Mini 2 will be the second bite of the cherry for the Korean manufacturer, having released its last model in Korea only and not to consumers globally.

Little is known about it currently, but online leaker Max Jambor claims that it’s “not too far away”. A follow-up tweet from him also claims it is in production.

Samsung has long wanted to be part of the smart speaker message, with its own Bixby-powered rival to the Apple HomePod, Google’s Nest Audio, and the Amazon Echo.

However, while there was a lot of talk about the original Galaxy Home Mini being universally available, it never happened for one reason or another.

Considering a new Unpacked event is forthcoming – thought to be 8 February 2022 – we could finally see the latest iteration launch there. To be fair though, we’ve been saying that for a while and although we don’t doubt Samsung’s ambitions, we wouldn’t yet bet the house on it.


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