Is Turku a pleasant place to reside?

Is Turku a pleasant place to reside?

Turku, Finland, is among the many high cities with a free enterprise surroundings. According to our metropolis rankings, this can be a good place to reside with excessive rankings in housing, commute and security.

How far is Turku from Helsinki?

170 km

What is the oldest metropolis in Finland?


How do I get from Helsinki to Turku?

The greatest approach to get from Helsinki to Turku is to coach which takes 1h 54m and prices 20€ – 30€. Alternatively, you’ll be able to bus, which prices 6€ – 30€ and takes 2h 13m, you might additionally fly, which prices 55€ – 280€ and takes 2h 33m.

How do I get to Porvoo from Helsinki?

You can simply get to Porvoo by bus from many instructions. From Helsinki there’s frequent bus service day by day. From the centre of Helsinki the bus journey to Porvoo takes about 50 minutes by the motorway, and from the path of Lahti, Tampere, Kouvola or Kotka it’s not an extended journey both.

How far is Porvoo from Helsinki?

47 kilometers

How lengthy is the ferry from Turku to Stockholm?

round 10 hours 55 minutes

What is the second largest metropolis in Finland?


What are the 5 most populated cities in Finland?

The 5 Biggest Cities In Finland

  • Helsinki. Helsinki is Finland’s largest metropolis in addition to the nation’s capital.
  • Espoo. Espoo is the second largest metropolis in Finland.
  • Tampere. Located in Pirkanmaa, Southern Finland, Tampere ranks third among the many largest cities in Finland.
  • Vantaa.
  • Oulu.

What is the most important state in Finland?

The largest metropolis in Finland is Helsinki with almost 657 thousand inhabitants.

What are the three largest cities in Finland?


City Country Population
Helsinki Finland 558,457
Espoo Finland 256,760
Tampere Finland 202,687
Vantaa Finland 190,058

What is the key metropolis of Finland?


Which metropolis is Finland?

How many states does Finland have?

6 state provinces

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