Is the Count of Monte Cristo actual?

Is the Count of Monte Cristo actual?

Alexandre Dumas’ well-known story, The Count of Monte Cristo, was a fictional story based mostly on actual occasions. One of its characters, a mad-genius of a scientist who writes his biggest work in jail, was based mostly on an actual particular person. Alexandre Dumas tells the story of Edmond Dant猫s, a wrongfully imprisoned man.

Does Dantes kill Fernand?

Dantes, who’s the superior swordsman, stabs Mondego within the coronary heart, killing him.

Does Valentine die in Count of Monte Cristo?

It is due to Noirtier that Valentine shouldn’t be lifeless. He has been boosting her tolerance to the toxin that Madame de Villefort poisons her with.

Why does danglars hate Dantes?

Danglars feels jealousy and hatred in the direction of Dantes. The relationship between Dantes and his father exhibits that he has a caring and loving coronary heart, as a result of he put his father earlier than his personal wants.

How does the rely trigger danglars to lose cash?

Danglars proceeds accountable her for ruining his fortune. He calls for that she pay him 1 / 4 of what he misplaced as a result of it was at her request that he had bought his Spanish bonds. After all, he causes, when he earns cash he pays her a minimize of the income.

Why does Monte Cristo forgive danglars?

Finally, Monte Cristo reveals himself to Danglars: “I’m the person you betrayed and dishonored, the person whose fianc茅e you prostituted, the person on whom you trod on the way in which to fortune, the person whose father you induced to die of starvation, the person you condemned to die of starvation however who now forgives you as a result of he himself wants …

How does danglars develop into wealthy?

Danglars was the purser on Edmond’s ship, the Pharoan. Then, Danglars succeeds in making himself wealthy. He started to work for a banker and contracted to furnish among the military provides. He himself then turned a banker and married the daughter of a chamberlain, making himself a Baron.

Why does Fernand not wish to kill dant猫s?

Fernand merely dislikes Dant猫s as a result of he’s the principle impediment to his personal happiness with Merc茅d猫s. Dumas units these three grudging males up as foils鈥攃haracters whose attitudes or feelings distinction with and thereby intensify these of one other character— to the noble-hearted Dant猫s.

How does the Count of Monte Cristo get revenge on caderousse?

Dantes took revenge on caderousse as a result of caderousse let his dad die whereas he was in jail an as a result of he took all the cash that dantes had let for his dad, subsequently inflicting him to starve.

Who did Madame Villefort kill?


How did noirtier assist his granddaughter Valentine?

Noirtier summons a notary and rewrites his will. He offers that if Valentine marries Franz, all of his inheritance will go to the poor slightly than to Valentine.

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