Is Jim Jordan a senator or a congressman?

Is Jim Jordan a senator or a congressman?

Electoral historical past

hideElection outcomes of Jim Jordan
Year Office Votes
2016 U.S. House of Representatives 98,981
2018 U.S. House of Representatives 87,061
2020 U.S. House of Representatives 101,897

Where is Jim Jordan Congressman from?

Troy, Ohio, United States

Who is Dr Richard Strauss?

Richard Strauss. An impartial investigative report launched by Ohio State University in May 2019 mentioned Strauss sexually abused no less than 177 college students all through his 20-year tenure as an athletics and scholar well being physician on the faculty.

What did Dr Strauss do to wrestlers?

The Wrestler. Mike Schyck and a whole bunch of different Ohio State University athletes suffered sexual abuse by Dr. Richard Strauss. Schyck and plenty of others imagine then-OSU assistant wrestling coach Jim Jordan鈥攏ow a congressman from Ohio鈥攌new about it.

Who is Mike DiSabato?

Michael DiSabato was a wrestler at Ohio State from 1987-91 when crew physician Richard Strauss roamed infamous Larkins Hall and, in keeping with a number of undisputed allegations, abused his place to commit sexual misdeeds in opposition to Ohio State athletes. Michael DiSabato has made highly effective enemies. He doesn’t care.

What occurred to Richard Strauss?

In December 1948 Strauss was hospitalized for a number of weeks after present process bladder surgical procedure. His well being quickly deteriorated after that, and he carried out his final efficiency, the tip of Act 2 of Der Rosenkavalier on the Prinzregententheater in Munich, throughout celebrations of his eighty fifth birthday on 10 June 1949.

Did Richard Strauss play horn?

When Richard Strauss (1864-1949) started work on his first concerto for the horn, he might have been solely 18 years outdated, however he already had actually a lifetime of expertise in virtuoso horn taking part in.

Who was Richard Strauss influenced by?

Robert Schumann

What does Strauss imply?

German: nickname for a clumsy or belligerent individual, from Middle High German struz ‘quarrel’, ‘criticism’.

What nationality is the final identify Strauss?


How common is the final identify Strauss?

Strauss Surname Distribution Map

Place Incidence Frequency
United States 21,761 1:16,656
South Africa 12,960 1:4,180
Germany 4,838 1:16,640
Austria 1,934 1:4,403
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