Is it 16 or 1?

Is it 16 or 1?

Some folks received 16 as the reply, and a few folks received 1. The confusion has to do with the distinction between trendy and historic interpretations of the order of operations. The right reply in the present day is 16. An reply of 1 would have been right 100 years in the past.

What is the reply for two 3?

Decimal Doings Change two-thirds to a decimal after which multiply the decimal and your quantity. To convert 2/3 to decimal, divide the numerator by the denominator: 2 / 3 = 0.66666 7, which you’ll spherical to 0.67.

How do you ask math questions and solutions?

Ask an Expert

  1. Ask Dr. Math – This might be the most effective useful resource on the market for anybody wanting a solution to a math query.
  2. Ask – A big group of math specialists have banded collectively to supply this wonderful service.
  3. – This web site has tutors out there to reply your math questions free of charge.

What is it whenever you reply a query with a query?

Re: Name for a query that’s answered with a query These questions are referred to as “Reply Questions”.

Why is answering what impolite?

First of all, answering abruptly appears like interrupting, which is impolite. Second, saying “What?” appears like blaming the speaker both for making no sense or for not talking clearly. Yet the issue could nicely lie with the recipient, who was not paying consideration when the query was requested.

How do you deflect a query?

8 methods to deflect powerful interview questions

  1. Acknowledge the query with out answering it.
  2. Ignore the query utterly.
  3. Question the query.
  4. Attack the query,
  5. Decline to reply.
  6. Give an incomplete reply.
  7. State or indicate the query has already been answered.
  8. Defer to the desire of others.

What do you name an individual who avoids answering questions?

circumvent: to keep away from or attempt to keep away from fulfilling, answering, or performing The Free Dictionary.

Why do I hate answering questions?

If you don’t like answering the questions from different folks, it means you don’t like the reply. When you will have unfavorable beliefs or hostile reactions to folks asking you about your self, you’re one way or the other stuffed with self-doubt and anxiousness. For no matter cause, you’re not enthusiastic about or happy along with your state of affairs.

How do you keep away from answering how are you?

17 Amazing Tricks for Dodging Unwanted Questions

  1. Enlist the assistance of a good friend. Sometimes, you simply know somebody goes to ask you an undesirable query.
  2. Restate—and reframe—the query.
  3. Deflect with a joke.
  4. Offer recommendation as an alternative of a solution.
  5. Deflect the query again to the asker with a praise.
  6. Turn the tables.
  7. Address a associated, however safer, private subject.

How do you reply with out answering?

Blueprint for avoiding inappropriate questions

  1. Answer the unique query with one other query.
  2. Respond with sarcasm or a joke.
  3. Redirect the query to a subject that you simply do really feel snug discussing.
  4. Use the disgrace recreation.
  5. Begin your reply by saying the phrase “No”
  6. Answer ambiguously or instantly change the topic.

What to say when somebody calls you nosy?

5 Smart Comebacks for Nosy, Intrusive People

  1. “I believe you will have different essential issues of your individual to get again to”
  2. “I’d choose to cope with it by myself, however I’ll attain out to you if I would like some suggestions”
  3. “My private area is essential to me.
  4. “We’re doing high-quality, however I admire your issues”

What does it imply when a woman avoids a query?

If she is refusing to reply you a primary query like that when you find yourself perceiving issues as if you two are collectively…then she may be very immature and never prepared or prepared to be in a relationship with you. I might inform her that it’s apparent that she doesn’t need any dedication and your are shifting on.

Why does my girlfriend get mad after I ask her questions?

When you begin asking her questions in regards to the two of you as a pair, she will get very upset as a result of she solely thinks of you as a platonic good friend. When you begin asking her questions in regards to the two of you as a pair, she will get very upset as a result of she solely thinks of you as a platonic good friend.

How do you reply well?

Seven methods to provide clever solutions to questions

  1. If you’re talking in entrance of greater than 30 folks, all the time repeat the query so everybody can hear it.
  2. Validate the individual asking the query with a short praise comparable to, “That’s query.” This sends a message to everybody within the room that you can be good to individuals who ask questions.

What to say to who requested?

Have time! “If you don’t like what I’ve to say, you’re free to stroll away or share your individual story.” “oh sorry, when did I ever care in case you requested or not?, I don’t go by the foundations “don’t communicate except spoken to” so sorry to disappoint you. “

Is it impolite to say what?

It’s not impolite to say “What” as a result of typically an individual has to ask a query with WH phrases or in different phrases. For instance, if somebody involves your home & you ask “who’s standing outdoors”. This is a real query, no hurt in asking it. If somebody declares it impolite habits then what an individual can do, nothing.

Is saying pardon impolite?

Many of you’ll imagine that ‘pardon’ is simply well mannered. But the factor about ‘pardon’ is, it’s definitely well mannered and respectful – which isn’t to be underestimated. ‘I urge your pardon’ in all its hauteur is relatively flourishy and virtually definitely sarcastic within the least entertaining manner attainable.

Is saying reiterate impolite?

“To Reiterate” This phrase is solely pointless and might come off as a bit impolite, particularly in case you put it in a primary e mail to somebody. If you’re typing “to reiterate” in an e mail, it’s since you assume the recipient didn’t perceive your message the primary time.

How do you say no with out being impolite?

How to Say “No” Without being Rude. 5 Ways!

  1. Be gracious and well mannered. There isn’t any have to be aggressive or confrontational.
  2. Sleep on it. Very not often do folks want a direct response to one thing.
  3. Start with what you CAN do vs. what you may’t do.
  4. Be sympathetic whereas remaining agency. There isn’t any have to be overly apologetic or defensive.
  5. Be transient however trustworthy.

How do you say I’m not politely?

How to Say “Not Interested” Nicely?

  1. Always affirm. Affirm how a lot it signifies that they invited us; acknowledge how a lot you admire them.
  2. Then say no. Then examine in with your self so you may make clear your no.
  3. End with thanks. Thank them for having considered us, for reaching out, and encourage them in any manner that feels form.

Is it OK to say no buddies?

If you’re irritated, pissed off, or upset with a good friend, it’s OK to really feel that manner typically, and it’s OK to speak to them about it. Remember that this can really make your friendship stronger in the long term, and if it doesn’t, then your friendship may want a reevaluation.

What are the advantages of claiming no?

Here’s what saying no will give again to you:

  • More power. Not solely will you be saving power, the truth that you are actually in acutely aware management will add additional power.
  • More time. There are solely 24 hours in a day, however to any extent further, extra of them are for you.
  • More confidence.
  • More management.
  • More respect.
  • More enjoyable.

How do you finish a friendship?

One manner to do that is by journaling your emotions. This permits you a protected area to get out your ideas with out discussing them with different folks. Of most significance, don’t talk about your emotions with the good friend you wish to break up with till they’re clear in your individual thoughts—in case you select to take action in any respect.

How do you say no to an in depth good friend?

  1. 1- Don’t wait till you’re fed up.
  2. 2- Don’t really feel responsible.
  3. Even the most effective of buddies don’t all the time agree or see issues eye to eye.
  4. 4- Carefully contemplate why you’ve determined to say NO.
  5. 5- Try to say NO as graciously as you may.
  6. 6- When you’re each relaxed, discuss limits and limits in friendships.

How do you say no in a wise manner?

Different Ways to Say NO

  1. No.
  2. Nope.
  3. No thanks, I received’t be capable to make it.
  4. Not this time.
  5. No thanks, I’ve one other dedication.
  6. Unfortunately, it’s not time.
  7. Sadly I’ve one thing else.
  8. Unfortunately not.

How do you say no with out being imply?

Five methods to say ‘no’ with out being impolite

  1. Say it Straight. If you wish to be taken severely by the organisation, it’s best to be trustworthy.
  2. Buy Time. Try to purchase time as a way to accommodate the brand new activity.
  3. Watch your Body Language. Use the appropriate tone for speaking, and preserve regular eye contact.
  4. Try the ‘Sandwich Method’
  5. Be Ready with Explanations.

How do you reject a man properly?

How to reject somebody properly

  1. “‘ I believe you’re a fantastic individual, however I simply don’t really feel any attraction for you.
  2. ” Straight up and trustworthy.
  3. “‘ Sorry however I’m not thinking about a romantic or sexual relationship with you'”.
  4. “‘ I’m not thinking about relationship proper now, however thanks that meant so much’.”
  5. “‘

How do you politely flip somebody down?

You simply say one thing like, “Sorry, I’m not .” or “No.” If you wish to be additional mild about it, you may say one thing like, “I’m flattered, however not .”, “No, thanks.”, or “Thank you for asking, however I’m not .” If they push for something past that, they’re those being impolite.

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