How were the Tang and Song dynasties similar?

How were the Tang and Song dynasties similar?

The Tang Dynasty was militaristic while the Song Dynasty was very pacifistic and cultural. The Tang Dynasty and the Song Dynasty both had Neo-Confucian movements. The Tang Dynasty was the peak of Buddhism while the Song Dynasty persecuted Buddhism for all of the Dynasty.

In what way was the government of the Tang and Song dynasties the same?

The correct answer is A. The government of the Tang and Song dynasty, they both used a civil service exam to select officials. The rulers use the civil service system. The nobility reached their status through education and civil service instead of through land ownership.

What are two achievements of the Tang and Song dynasties?

From the sixth through twelfth centuries, during the Tang and Song dynasties, China may have been the word’s most prosperous and cosmopolitan culture. It had intensive trade, innovative technology, inspiring poetry and art, robust religious institutions, large vibrant cities, and intense intellectual creativity.

Why were the Tang and Song dynasties so successful?

During both the Tang and Song Dynasties, China thrived. During the Tang Dynasty, China further developed in political stability, economic prosperity, military expansion, cultural sophistication, and technological innovation. While in the Song dynasty, China’s political and economic vitality was stronger than ever.

What caused the rise of the Tang Dynasty?

The rise of the Tang dynasty in China mirrored the rise of the Han over 800 years earlier. Like the Han dynasty before them, the Tang dynasty was created after the fall of a ruthless leadership. Preferring his temple name, Tai-tsung took the throne in 626 C.E. The Golden Age of China had begun.

What inventions did the Tang Dynasty make?

Inventions during the Tang dynasty were made in the fields of medicine, engineering, and sciences. Gun powder, gas cylinders and porcelain were among the few inventions during this time. Printing was another big accomplishment during this dynasty.

What were the three major inventions Tang and Song China?

The develop- ment of gunpowder, in time, led to the creation of explosive weapons such as bombs, grenades, small rockets, and can- nons. Other important inventions of this period include porcelain, the mechanical clock, paper money, and the use of the magnetic compass for sailing.

How did hiring scholars help China?

Hiring scholars helped China in three ways: (1) emphasized moral behaviors, justice, kindness, loyalty, etc. (2) insured that officials were trained and talented, and (3) allowed ambitious and hard working people from all classes to succeed.

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