How have been the Roman and Chinese empires comparable?

How have been the Roman and Chinese empires comparable?

Both empires used marriages as technique of confirming political alliances with international powers. The Roman Empire as established and dominated by generals, as have been the Qin, Han, Sui, and Tang dynasties in China the empires have been periodically threatened and usurped by insurgent generals asserting their very own authority.

In what methods have been the Han and Roman empires comparable and totally different?

The Roman Empire and the Han Dynasty confronted comparable issues of barbarian invasions and inside infighting. The Han Dynasty collapsed and gave strategy to Three Kingdoms whereas Rome confronted a sequence of civil wars and insurrections.

What do Rome and China have in frequent?

In the Classical period, each Rome and China are increasing their empires. What each Rome and China shared was that they each constructed a system of roads. The roads have been key to the empires as a result of it made commerce simple and it made communication all through the empires potential.

What have been the similarities and variations between the autumn of Rome and the autumn of the Han?

Similarities: The fall of Rome and Han China have been alike as a result of each of their governments had grow to be corrupted. Han paperwork officers had grow to be very self-indulgent. In Han, assassinations to acquire greater rating positions obscured throughout the authorities.

Who was the chief of the Barbarians?

King Alaric I

What gods did barbarians worship?

Various deities present in Germanic paganism happen broadly among the many Germanic peoples, most notably the god recognized to the continental Germanic peoples as Wodan or Wotan, to the Anglo-Saxons as Woden, and to the Norse as 脫冒inn, in addition to the god Thor鈥攌nown to the continental Germanic peoples as Donar, to the Anglo-Saxons …

What is the distinction between barbarians and Vikings?

The Barbarians have been wild and unkempt and uneducated, whereas the vikings have been clever and clear individuals. though they get blended up usually they’re hardly alike.

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