How is the nun described in The Canterbury Tales?

How is the nun described in The Canterbury Tales?

In the character of the Nun, Chaucer describes a woman who should be concerned with charity and prayer, but instead has the air of a lady. With her courtly manners and false sentiment, the Nun is more concerned with appearances than anything else.

What are three characteristics of the nun in The Canterbury Tales?

A) modest, quiet, charitable and compassionate. She is the Prioress of her convent, and she aspires to have exquisite taste. Her table manners are dainty, she knows French (though not the French of the court), she dresses well.

What did the nun do in the Canterbury Tales?

Madame Eglantine, or The Prioress, is a central character in Geoffrey Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales. Madame Eglantine’s character serves as a sort of satire for the day, in that she is a nun who lives a secular lifestyle. It is implied that she uses her religious lifestyle as a means of social advancement.

How does Chaucer describe the prioress?

These elements combine to show a clear picture of the Prioress: shallow, vindictive, unChristian, childish, and immature. She is the antithesis of a truly pious nun of the Middle Ages. Chaucer uses this characterization of her to show his own religious trepidations, and to make a statement about the clergy of his time.

What is ironic about the Prioress?

The description of the prioress is ironic, the prioress’s name is Madam Eglantyne. Because Mary is the embodiment of love and mercy… The irony is that she does not possess any of these qualities. PRIORESS (NUN): On line 137, what does Chaucer mean by “counterfeit a courtly kind of grace”?

What is the prioress wearing that is so ironic?

The answer is brooch. The Prioress wears is one of several pieces of jewelry that adorn her, it is a gold brooch inscribed with a Latin motto from Virgil – Amor vincit omnia.

What does the prioress seem most concerned with?

Although the Prioress should be devoted to Christ, she is more concerned with worldly matters: her clothes are richly bedecked, and her coral rosary that says “Love conquers all” serves as a decorative piece rather than a religious article.

What is a female abbot called?


What is the job of a prioress?

Along with the vows, the prioress had many duties. She was held responsible for “managing internal affairs of her Abbey as well as of contacts with the outside”, discipling, and organizing the convent (Zatta). The nunnery offered her much freedom.

What was the greatest oath of prioress?

The Prioress is called Madame Eglentyne. She is a very gentle lady who always tries to imitate courtly behaviour. She has refined table manners and is always coy and polite. Her greatest oath is “By Sainte Loy”.

What foreign language does the prioress speak?


Does Chaucer approve of Franklin?

Chaucer’s Opinion on the Franklin He says that The Franklin is calm, strong and an over all happy guy. Chaucer also proves that he thinks highly of the Franklin by saying, “He was a model among landed gentry.” He lives to please others and has a house full of food.

How does Chaucer describe his characters?

Chaucer a detached Observer Chaucer’s art of characterization is free from personal bias. He portrays his characters, objectively, impartially and disinterestedly. He depicts what he sees personally. He has the seeing eye, the memory, the judgment to select and the capacity to expound.

How many characters did Chaucer admire?

In Geoffrey Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales, 32 characters make the trip to Canterbury. 29 of these are mentioned in line 24 of the “General Prologue.” The narrator joins this group (making 30). The host, Harry Bailey, makes 31. The Canon’s yeoman, who joins the group later, makes 32.

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