How far is Bandera Texas from Mexican border?

How far is Bandera Texas from Mexican border?

There are 1,056.91 miles from Bandera to Mexico in northeast course and 1,271 miles (2,045.48 kilometers) by automotive, following the I-44 E route. Bandera and Mexico are 20 hours 7 minutes far aside, in the event you drive continuous . This is the quickest route from Bandera, TX to Mexico, IN. The midway level is Diamond, MO.

Is Bandera Texas Safe?

Bandera has an general crime price of 11 per 1,000 residents, making the crime price right here close to the typical for all cities and cities of all sizes in America. According to our evaluation of FBI crime knowledge, your likelihood of turning into a sufferer of crime in Bandera is 1 in 90.

What is Bandera Texas well-known for?

Nestled within the scenic Hill Country, Bandera is understood for its sweeping landscapes and cowboy heritage. Some of essentially the most lovely nature areas within the state are positioned close to Bandera, which sits on the financial institution of the pristine Medina River. There’s no scarcity of adventures to have and issues to do in Bandera.

How far is Uvalde Texas from the Mexican border?


Is Uvalde TX secure?

Uvalde is within the thirty fourth percentile for security, that means 66% of cities are safer and 34% of cities are extra harmful. This evaluation applies to Uvalde’s correct boundaries solely. See the desk on close by locations beneath for close by cities. The price of crime in Uvalde is 33.88 per 1,000 residents throughout an ordinary 12 months.

How far is Uvalde from San Antonio?

Distance between Uvalde and San Antonio is 128 kilometers (79 miles). Driving distance from Uvalde to San Antonio is 134 kilometers (83 miles).

How far is Hondo Texas from San Antonio Texas?

The complete driving distance from San Antonio, TX to Hondo, TX is 42 miles or 68 kilometers. The complete straight line flight distance from San Antonio, TX to Hondo, TX is 40 miles.

How far is Del Rio from San Antonio?

The complete driving distance from Del Rio, TX to San Antonio, TX is 157 miles or 253 kilometers. The complete straight line flight distance from Del Rio, TX to San Antonio, TX is 145 miles. This is equal to 234 kilometers or 126 nautical miles.

How far is Uvalde from Austin?

142.69 miles

Where in Texas is Uvalde?

Uvalde, metropolis, seat (1856) of Uvalde county, southwestern Texas, U.S. It lies alongside the Leona River, some 85 miles (135 km) west-southwest of San Antonio.

Is Del Rio Texas Safe?

Del Rio boasts a low price of dwelling (18% decrease than the US common) and a lower than 6% unemployment price. Our wonderful private and non-private faculties and our low crime price earned us the title of “The Friendliest Little Border Town in Texas” by Southern Living Magazine.

How far is Del Rio from El Paso?

374 miles

Is Del Rio a superb place to dwell?

In Del Rio, the persons are welcoming are pleasant. Even although the city is small it’s a good and cozy place to dwell. Del Rio a small, quiet, and cozy city. Though it’s a small city, it is vitally good to dwell in.

Does Del Rio Texas have tornadoes?

The danger of twister injury in Del Rio is far decrease than Texas common and is far decrease than the nationwide common.

What is the closest metropolis to Del Rio TX?

Major cities close to Del Rio, TX

  • 145 miles to San Antonio, TX.
  • 153 miles to Laredo, TX.
  • 153 miles to Nuevo Laredo, Mexico.
  • 200 miles to Austin, TX.
  • 237 miles to Corpus Christi, TX.
  • 247 miles to General Escobedo, Mexico.
  • 252 miles to Apodaca, Mexico.
  • 252 miles to San Nicolas De Los Garza, Mexico.

Is Del Rio a small city?

Del Rio is a small city – with not an enormous physician presence – so many people head to San Antonio for healthcare, however it’s good to know that Del Rio (in addition to Uvalde and Eagle Pass) does have loads of sources, in the event you want them.

What main metropolis is close to Del Rio Texas?

San Antonio

What is the crime price in Del Rio Texas?

The Del Rio TX crime price for 2018 was 61.1 per 100,000 inhabitants, a 21.46% decline from 2017. The Del Rio TX crime price for 2017 was 77.79 per 100,000 inhabitants, a 51.48% decline from 2016. The Del Rio TX crime price for 2016 was 160.32 per 100,000 inhabitants, a 21.81% decline from 2015.

Is Del Rio Texas a border city?

Del Rio is positioned inside a mile of the Rio Grande and the Mexican city of Ciudad Acuña, simply 150 miles west of San Antonio. Like many different border cities, Del Rio enjoys a singular mix of American and Mexican tradition, which is expressed within the friendliness of its folks and its fascinating artwork.

Is Del Rio thought of West Texas?

West Texas is a loosely outlined a part of the U.S. state of Texas, typically encompassing the arid and semiarid lands west of a line drawn between the cities of Wichita Falls, Abilene, and Del Rio. The Trans-Pecos lies inside the Chihuahuan Desert, and is essentially the most arid portion of the state.

Is Midland TX a desert?

Midland actually and actually is the desert. But don’t be discouraged. The desert will be fairly lovely. Unusual wildlife, dry warmth, and incomparable sunsets are simply a few of the compensations.

Is Del Rio a desert?

The Del Rio area, west to in regards to the Pecos River, has a mixture of desert shrub and steppe vegetation, relying on soil kind, with the gray-leafed cenizo (Leucophyllum spp.), a number of totally different acacias, cactuses, and grama grasses dominant members of native flora.

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