How do you spell Muttaraiyar?

How do you spell Muttaraiyar?

Muttaraiyar could confer with:

  1. Muttaraiyan (title), a title utilized by numerous officers within the Chola authorities through the medieval interval.
  2. Muthuraja, a Tamil talking neighborhood prevalent in southern India.
  3. Mutharaiyar dynasty, a royal household in what’s now the Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

How do you pronounce Muralidharan?

  1. Phonetic spelling of Muralidharan. mu-ralid-ha-ran. Mu-ralid-ha-ran. Mur-al-id-haran. Add phonetic spelling.
  2. Meanings for Muralidharan.
  3. Translations of Muralidharan. Russian : 袦褍褉邪谢懈写褏邪褉邪薪 Translate this phrase/phrase.

What is the that means of Muttaraiyar?

Muttaraiyar might also be derived from mundru that means “three” and tharai that means “earth”, which was additionally a title of Velir chiefs. Their title Ambalakkarar is derived from the Tamil phrase ambalam that means panchayat or “village council”, as they served because the heads of those councils.

Who have been the Mutharaiyar?

The Vanniyar, additionally spelled Vanniya,[1] previously often known as the Palli, are a neighborhood or j膩ti discovered within the northern a part of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Vahni itself is believed to yield the Tamil phrase Vanni (fireplace), which can also be a Tamil identify for an vital tree.

Are Chetty and Chettiar similar?

Chettiar (additionally spelt as Chetti & Chetty) is a title utilized by many mercantile, weaving, agricultural and land proudly owning castes in South India, particularly within the states of Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

Are chettiars Telugu?

The 24 Manai Telugu Chettiars (24MTC) are a Telugu talking Hindu caste discovered predominantly within the states of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka in India, in addition to Gujarat and Sri Lanka. They type one of many largest endogamous teams in Tamil Nadu.

What determines your caste?

The caste system is the Hindu social and non secular hierarchy, created just a few thousand years in the past. Traditionally, an individual’s caste is decided at start and channels them into that caste’s occupation. At the highest are Brahmins, monks and non secular students.

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