How do you describe a wage?

How do you describe a wage?

Here are some adjectives for wage: merely official, lesser or fictitious, part-time common, dazzling annual, modest straight, small however affordable, beneficiant managerial, unearned however fancy, regular and enough, former annual, regular, beneficiant, regular however unremarkable, annual fundamental, wretched official, largest …

How do you say good wage?

Synonyms for Good wage

  1. first rate wage. n.
  2. good wage. n.
  3. good wage. n.
  4. good earnings. n.
  5. good cash. n.
  6. nice wage. n.
  7. first rate pay. n.
  8. good pay. n.

What is one other phrase for wage?

What is one other phrase for wage?

pay fee
stipend wage
emolument remuneration
earnings wages
earnings rent

What do you name a superb wage?

well-paid. adjective. a well-paid particular person receives a superb sum of money for work.

What is one other phrase for prime paying?

What is one other phrase for well-paying?

gainful profitable
worthwhile moneymaking
paying productive
remunerative rewarding
advantageous helpful

What is it referred to as when you’re paid per job?

wage. noun. a hard and fast sum of money that you simply earn every month or yr out of your job.

What phrase would possibly describe somebody who does a job for cash?


What do you name somebody with no cash?

penniless. adjective. somebody who’s penniless has no cash.

What is an individual who loves cash referred to as?

Money-loving, avaricious; miserly, ungenerous; (additionally) frugal, thrifty.

What is the distinction between being frugal and low cost?

Cheap persons are pushed by saving cash whatever the value; frugal persons are pushed by maximizing whole worth, together with the worth of their time. Being low cost is about spending much less; being frugal is about prioritizing your spending with the intention to have extra of the stuff you actually care about.

What does it imply when a lady is whipped?

‘I’m whipped’ means he’s fully submissive to his/her different half(girlfriend/boyfriend). He does every little thing he/she tells him/her. Usually this expression could be utilized by a pal who’s irritated that the 2 of you not spend a whole lot of time collectively. Ex: Paul is totally whipped.

How do you inform if you’re whipped?

Top 10 Signs You’re Whipped

  • She doesn’t cease making an attempt to succeed in you. You gave her your telephone quantity, now she calls you 5 occasions a day at work; pages you till you get moist; spams your inbox; and even tries to trace you down at your of us’ place.
  • You’re not the identical particular person.
  • Your style for the “arts” adjustments.

How are you aware if he’s severe in courting you?

17 Ways To Know If A Guy Is Serious In Courting You

  • He’ll brazenly specific his intention.
  • You high his record of priorities.
  • He’s open, sincere, and clear with you.
  • You meet his shut circle.
  • He shares his ardour with you.
  • You each speak concerning the future collectively.
  • He listens to you.
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