How did many Americans support imperialism?

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How did many Americans support imperialism?

Some Americans supported imperialism from a moral rather than an economic opinion. They saw much of the world as living in dark- ness. It was the duty of the United States, in their view, to bring the light of freedom and Christianity to those dark places.

Why did European nations expand their power overseas during the 1880s?

Why did Americans increasingly support imperialism during the 1880s? Americans wanted to develop overseas markets to keep the economy strong. Social Darwinists argued that as nations competed, only the strongest would survive.

What were the factors that lead to the US expanding abroad?

American Overseas Expansion

  • New Manifest Destiny: reaching from coast to coast.
  • Commercial Expansion: need for new markets,China etc.
  • New emphasis upon naval power: Alfred T.
  • White man’s burden: Christian missionary impulse combined with social Darwinism.
  • Closing of the frontier: 1890 census, frontier line gone.

Why did American industrialists support expansion overseas?

Why did American industrialists in the late 19th century generally support expansion into overseas colonies? These areas would provide new sources of raw materials and customers. The first man to walk on the moon was an American.

What more than anything else drove US expansion in the late nineteenth century?

Answer: The correct answer is : Because the Americans expanded their borders to continue keeping the country in an upright position. The United States produced many industrial and agricultural goods that could not all be traded internally and expansion was necessary.

What motives were behind American overseas expansion in the 1890s?

A belief that the world’s nations were engaged in a Darwinian struggle for survival and that countries that failed to compete were doomed to decline also contributed to a new assertiveness on the part of the United States. By the 1890s, the American economy was increasingly dependent on foreign trade.

Why did business leaders push the US to claim overseas territories quizlet?

Business leaders push the United States to claim overseas territories because They wanted to access new sources of labour and natural resources and They wanted to open new markets for U.S. export goods. Explanation: Economic reasons were a major impetus that led to the expansion by the US overseas.

Why is it important to expand American influence in China?

1. Why was it important to expand American influence in China? It gave a nation exclusive trade rights in a particular region of China. You just studied 4 terms!

How did the US extend its influence to Asia?

In return, Japan agreed to limit the emigration to the United States. Why did the United States extend its influence in Asia? America’s decision to keep the Philippines helped expand U.S. influence, compete with European colonial powers , gain Asian markets, and extent American culture to the people of Asia.

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