How did European leaders respond to Islamic expansion in 700s CE?

How did European leaders respond to Islamic expansion in 700s CE?

European leaders responded to Islamic expansion in the 700s CE in that they were threatened by it and sought to stop it. Muslim used many trade routes to trade with other nations by land and also by sea because they also controlled routes in the Mediterranean Sea.

What was Islam’s impact on the Mediterranean region?

The Islamic side of the Mediterranean was the terminus of ancient trading networks between East and West Asia, and the Muslim states controlled other routes along which precious commodities were carried back and forth. In Europe, the main destination for these luxury imports was Italy.

How did the Islamic empire influence the Renaissance?

Not only did Muslims preserve and translate ancient classical texts that inspired Renaissance thinkers, but they also invented the scientific method and modern university system, which led to the Scientific Revolution, and pioneered medical and agricultural techniques that improved the quality of life of European …

Who invented Islam?


Which epoch do we live in?


What came before Tudors?

The Norman dynasty established by William the Conqueror ruled England for over half a century before the period of succession crisis known as the Anarchy (1135–1154). Under the Tudors and the later Stuart dynasty, England became a colonial power.

What was the period before Victorian called?

Georgian era

1714 – 1830 (1837)
The Georgian architecture of the Circus in the city of Bath, built between 1754 and 1768
Including Regency era
Preceded by Stuart period
Followed by Victorian era

What period was after the Tudors?

Tudor period

The red and white rose of the House of Tudor
Including Elizabethan era
Preceded by Late Middle Ages
Followed by Jacobean era

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