Best Fine Art Institute in Delhi – ARC School of Art

It is said, when the artist is born, he brings his own art with him, but It is also true, Anyone can become an artist with having Passion and Patience. The field of art is ever Interesting and Delightful. People enter into this domain with the aspiration of obtaining money, fame and self-satisfaction. Perfect guidance can only show the right direction to an artist. If you are also worried about How will you become an Artist and where is Best Fine Art Institute in Delhi then Your search ends here. For over one and a half-decade, Arc School of Art (ASA) has been providing training and guidance in Fine Art, Designing. Surround by many big brands in the same domain, ACA has been gathering more and more name, fame and recognition every year.

ARC School of Art offers 100% job-oriented courses in Fine Art. The course curriculum includes practical training in Fine-Art, industry visits, workshops, regular assignments, and creation of a professional Profile & portfolio.


Course Name Duration Career Options
PCFA 1 Year Painter, Set Design Artist, Portrait Artist, Publisher, Visualizer
DFA 2 Year Painter, Set Design Artist, Portrait Artist, Publisher, Visualizer


Extra activities that make us unique

1. Practical Training in Latest Tools & Technology

2. Workshops.

3. Clay Modeling

4. Art & Craft

5. Face Casting

6. Set Designing with Hands-on material like Papers and Thermocol etc.

7. Extra Color Painting Activities.

About Common Proficiency Test: CPT stands for Common Proficiency Test and it is the entrance exam to become a Chartered

What is Pilot: Every Student wants to know how to become a pilot and wants to get a commercial pilot license?


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