What was the Karl Marx Theory of Socialism?

What was the Karl Marx Theory of Socialism?

karl marx argued that the commercial society was capitalist and the benefit of capitalist was produced by staff. he believed that to overthrow capitalism staff needed to assemble a radically socialist society the place all property was socially managed.

What did Marx accept would occur to society?

3. What did Marx accept would occur in a real communist financial system? Marx predicted that there could be just one class, the working class. Marx offered socialist concepts that proposed the redistribution of assets and equality to all individuals no matter station.

What did Marx suppose staff would do to battle the capitalist system?

To accurate this injustice and obtain true freedom, Marx mentioned the employees should first overthrow the capitalist system of personal property. The staff would then exchange capitalism with a communist financial system, by which they’d personal property in widespread and share the assets they produced.

What labels does Marx use to explain the 2 courses?

The major courses in capitalism are the bourgeoisie and the proletariat.

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