What do you name a university fellow?

What do you name a university fellow?

A pupil who’s within the identical class at college. modern. peer. classmate. fellow pupil.

What is that means of ineffective fellow?

adjective. of no use; not serving the aim or any goal; unavailing or futile: It is ineffective to motive with him. with out helpful qualities; of no sensible good: a ineffective particular person; a ineffective gadget.

Does fellow malicious male?

The definition of a fellow is a person or a boy, particularly a boyfriend or lover. The definition of a fellow can be a peer who’s doing the identical actions as you, or a pupil or scholar doing analysis that’s being paid for. A younger boy is an instance of a fellow. Your male lover is an instance of your fellow.

What does fellow member malicious?

fellow member Add to listing Share. Definitions of fellow member. noun. one of many individuals who compose a social group (particularly people who’ve joined and take part in a bunch group) synonyms: member.

What is a feminine fellow?

Words normally paired are: man/gal; man/girl; boy/lady; lad/lass; brethren/sistren; fraternity/sorority; however I’ve seen nothing for fellow. …

What does fellow teammates malicious?

Noun. 1. teammate – a fellow member of a group; “it was his first begin in opposition to his previous teammates” mate. affiliate – an individual who joins with others in some exercise or endeavor; “he needed to seek the advice of his affiliate earlier persevering with”

What does fellow malicious in enterprise?

fellow(Noun) The most senior rank or title one can obtain on a technical profession in sure corporations (although some fellows additionally grasp enterprise titles corresponding to vp or chief expertise officer).

Why do you need to grow to be a fellow?

By articulating a imaginative and prescient to your profession or coming educational life, it’s simpler to elucidate why you may have determined to pursue a particular fellowship. Identify the abilities and experiences you’d fetch from the fellowship that may instantly aid you obtain your skilled and educational targets.

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